Your Asian Fetish

You cannot build a healthy family or society from an abnormal sexual desire and so you cannot be pro-White while defending an Asian fetish.

A fetish is a mental illness you know, just like homosexuality, pedophilia and so on.

I don’t say this to shame any one.  We have all been victimized by Jew Think. We’ve been encouraged  to put immediate gratification above concerns for the future. They got our minds when we were just wee babes and it takes time and willpower to break away from that kind of mind control.


14 thoughts on “Your Asian Fetish

  1. Skeeter

    There’s a crisis between white men and women, as we know. Too many of us white men have given up on white women because so many white women’s minds seem to have been destroyed by this modern world. In my life, I’ve noticed it seems like it’s always the prettiest white girls right out of college who are hopelessly indoctrinated into social Marxism — blue-pillers and diversity Kool-Aid drinkers one and all. So white men react, either consciously or subconsciously, by opting for more “traditional” women, often Asian or East European. I didn’t — I found a suitable American white woman to have kids with, but I’ve paid a heavy price for bringing two beautiful white kids into the world: career going nowhere fast due to burden of child care, not happy at all in my marriage (she’s a modern gal, but at least a Neocon who clings to some shred of mainstream respectability despite knowing the real score — I was done with liberal women by the time we met). But I look at it all as the cost of trying to help my race avoid extinction. Now where’s my medal and hardship pay??!!

    Just kidding. Seriously, though, white men and women have to figure out some way to trust each other and cooperate for our people’s survival — it’s kind of important. Yeah, and no screwin’ around with love-you-long-time Asian harlots.

    The only possible exception I could think of to the rule above involves what the Hindus call “ashramas,” which just means stages of life. If your breeding and child-raising years are behind you and there’s no way you’re going to have or raise any more babies, then maybe it could be theoretically OK to date outside your race — nah, forget it, not even then. How about this? When our numbers and share of Earth’s population are as high the Han Chinese, then we can afford the luxury of romantic exoticism (insert mood music here).

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      I appreciate your making the effort to find and keep a wife of European descent Skeeter.

      The whole idea of finding an “other” to make a life with is portrayed as a cure all but it isn’t. Women are women. Men and women are always going to have communication challenges. I can’t see how bringing culturally different people together is going to help. Once the newness wears off, you have to deal with each other, just like everyone else. Then, to top it off, you end up with kids that look foreign to you. Bad idea.

      Thanks again Skeeter.

  2. Snake

    I think the Asian fetish is half a creation of YKW propaganda and half from a skewing of the sexual marketplace. Asians are getting cosmetic surgery left and right to look more Aryan. So naturally, they’ll make it on to Abe Bergenstein’s casting couch and on the big screen.

    On the flip side, they’re easier to acquire for White betas than a comparable White woman. Thin, blonde, and feminine? Babe you’re priced out of Billy Beta’s range. Looks like he’ll be settling for a White chunker. Or he’ll take a thin, feminine Asian with a subpar face. It’s all about tradeoffs.

    So what’s a guy to do? Learn some basic game, lift some weights, and bag a good Aryan woman of course! Montana has the lowest obesity rate in the US, maybe Billy Beta should pack up and move West?

    1. Skeeter

      I think most of Pick-Up Artistry is actually BullShit Artistry, and we need to get out of that mindset, which is why I like some but not all of the rhetoric coming from the MGTOW camp (the parallels to white separatism are eerily similar). As they say, it doesn’t matter how macho or in-charge of “his woman” any man living anywhere in the West THINKS he is, he can get his ass kicked by the ultimate alpha male that Western women have on their side, namely the whole Western establishment. I know Kievsky over at MWIR got entranced by PUA-BSA, but I think he was mistaken.
      Furthermore, there’s nothing “alpha” about one thing PUAs do, which is to supplicate themselves to women by trying to figure out what women really want (as opposed to what SAY they want) and then try to live up to that false image through a lot of macho pretensions. Before the Internet, most guys like that (Roosh, the guy at Chateau Heartiste, etc.) were correctly seen for the frauds they were. Oh, sure, they’ve got a hundred notches on their bedposts — right. Lemme guess — they’re all expert martial artists, too, who’ve won many a street fight against multiple attackers. These guys don’t exist offline, and if they do, they’re probably preying on confused young women with low self-esteem.

      1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

        Well, I will say something about Kievsky. He is STILL married to the White mother of his White child-it’s probably been close to 20 years. I think what has happened with him and CAN happen, is a couple BONDS through having a family and just doing life together. It almost becomes a business arrangement. Our social engineering Jew friends want to make everything about sex and attractiveness but there’s much more to a marriage than that. I think Kievsky (and probably his wife too) is a mature person (regardless of imperfections) and manages the ups and downs of his relationship with maturity and without looking for a new partner every time things don’t go his way.

  3. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I have said it a million types, I don’t get the Asian thing. Really. I used to think some were pretty, but now that I am wise to the gooks, these bitches with their faces and flat asses to match are just faux boys with vaginas for sexually confused men who have watched too much porn and whose erotic template has been melded into something that desires a cross between a man and a woman.

    Ram Z Paul is a Jew and a professed Asian lover, which is why I don’t like Amren. Jews and down low gook lovers.

  4. Paladin Justice

    I admit I’m clueless on this topic. I prefer white “earth mother” type women. The scrawny Asians are of no interest to me. Plus, the Koreans have rotten personalities. The Japanese are nice though. But still there’s no chemistry for me with such alien creatures.


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