Our Children, Our Future

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I went to see a niece competing in an important high school cross country meet a couple of years  ago.

I hung out at the finish line for most of the time I was at the meet and noticed something very interesting.  Our girls, White girls, when they came in from a race were stoic. They were exhausted from running their best on a very hot (mid 90s) day. They were probably a little dehydrated and they were hurting. Still, after crossing the finish line, they made their way ALONE to a table to get some water and to walk off the pain. I even saw a White girls swaying as she staggered away from the finish line. She almost fell down and no one but me came to her aid.

BUT, over and over again, I saw Black and Brown female runners linked arm and arm with White helpers…..volunteers, most of them I would assume, parents of the White runners. The Brown/Black females would be crying or panting dramatically after the long race (3 miles) and the White helpers would be supporting them physically so they wouldn’t fall down and crooning and soothing them emotionally as they walked toward the water table.  I saw this over and over again and it still makes me incredibly sad when I think about it.

We have been taught to coddle non-Whites to the point that we are neglecting our own children, our younger brothers and sisters.  And our young people TAKE IT uncomplaining.  The stark reality of it,  really hit me that day at the cross country meet.

We give it all away.

Living for untold centuries in the impossibly cold and dark climates (we ran to) shaped our race, just as a grain of sand is shaped into a beautiful White pearl while sitting in the dark cave of an oyster.  We came out of our oyster experience with the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom to even conquer the world and now we trample the White pearl race, our White youth, our future, like they are nothing but trash.  We cast our Pearls, our very selves before the swine and they laugh. They call us names. They take our secret knowledge, so hard scrabbled and use it to subjugate us.

How to fix this? A White nation would fix this.  A nation where the beautiful pearls would not make the others feel inferior.  Then the ugly, mean and stupid swine could rein over themselves and snort all the jenkum they wanted while raping each other. The black women will be so happy because they will experience getting laid (raped?) again. The Mexicans can pile all their poopy toilet paper wads into towers that reach the heavens while the Chinese can hock loogies with a complete disregard for diseases, after all disease prevention is a White man’s gig. Who needs it?

Meanwhile Whites will perfect our ability to obtain all the water we need from the atmosphere, grow nutritious non-gmo food in abundance and build castles in the air (probably,  quite literally! )

Our babies will cared for again, not left ALONE to defend themselves from predators. 

Let us not get so caught up in the “news” of the day and all the conspiracy stories that we ignore what is right in front of our faces. We need a homeland and we will have a homeland.



11 thoughts on “Our Children, Our Future

  1. Tina

    That was eye-opening. VERY eye-opening. About a decade ago, I read that the colleges in California were assigning a MENTOR to Mexican-American girls working their way through college. Well, how about the white girls? Maybe THEY could use somebody holding their hand through college?

    You are right, we give it all away.

      1. Dark Side of the Moon

        Hold on my darling Maureen. If a community of whites have an off grid living space, within a space of several hundred acres, it can be done. The land is bought and put into an LLC. JJ Luna (author of really good privacy books) tells us our real names should NOT be tied to our real address. All property and cars should be in an LLC. I’m in the process of that now. He advises we make ourselves SO invisible, it would be very difficult to find us. All cell phones should be a no-contract cell phone where you either buy pre-paid time or a monthly card.

        So a group of let’s say a dozen families build homes and a farm on several hundred acres. The land is put in an LLC. There is no electricity, gas or power bills. Everything is off grid. Wind generators, solar panels, gravity fed water, etc. There are tons of videos on YT showing you how to do it all. It’s great. And guess what? Most I’d say 99% of these off gridders are white! If you want to blog or read email make a weekly trip to the library or your local coffee store. Property taxes are paid by the LLC either through EFT (electronic funds transfer) or a check from the LLC. If there is no income from the LLC no taxes are due.

        The husbands work at a W2 job with an address separate from the PLE. His address for W2’s either is sent to a POB or a Mailbox Etc, under the LLC name. Or the hubby works for himself at his own business. This is what the jews do. How do you think they hide so well? The wife or partner is at home taking care of the kids. We use the tools of the jew to work for us.

  2. Wally D.

    There is, indeed, something pathological about many of our race wanting to help others rather than helping their own kind. I suspect it makes them feel holier than thou, but in reality it displays their sickness for all to see.

  3. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    White people crap on each other all the time. There is no comraderie. White women are hung out to dry all the time probably because the Minority Muds know that we are the strongest and best even though they try to psychologically abuse us into think otherwise.

    How gallant of those stupid white people to lend a hand to the damsel in distress Pocantas Princesses.

  4. Skeeter

    Lack of unity among our kind and excessive concern for the other is probably the root of all our other problems, even moreso than the Jews. Nothing the Jews have done to us, real or imagined, would’ve likely been possible or gone as far as it has if we would’ve just stuck together as a race and collectively said, “no.”


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