Jobs for Now

These are jobs one can learn online and start a home based business with:

Programming-computers, cell phones, creates apps, etc.

bicycle repair person

Social Media Marketer – not as easy as you think

Animal training, care (even massage), waste removal

Newsletter marketing-create a a page front and back newsletter for your local area (your side of town or you large subdivision, for instance) and ask realtors or other business people if they’d like to advertise in it.  Get paid.

Create a booklet about White Nationalism and market/sell it on Amazon, Stormfront, and everywhere else you can think of

Virtual assistant


EBay Sales/Amazon Sales/Craigslist/Facebook/Instagram/Yelp etc. Sales

Ebay/Amazon/Craigslist etc. Sales Consultant-for folks who want to sell on Ebay.

Youtube Consultant

Home companion to an elderly person.  Start a company that screens such companions and matches them up with an elderly person

Childcare professional

Motivational speaker

Catering business from your kitchen

Niche recruiting and staffing agency

SEO Expert

WordPress blog consultant

Auto detailing from your garage-or on the street

Computer repair

Beekeeping (get appropriate permits)

Make and sell gift baskets-especially popular around the holidays




Also, many of these jobs can be scaled up.  Actually, you should always plan on scaling up eventually if you want to make great money.  Scaling up is becoming the boss and having contractors or employees working for you.  YES, it’s hard, but so is taking our world back, it’s going to take cold hard cash to do it.  So let’s get out there!












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