Abusing White Children

div camp

Hahaha. Just a little jokey poo!

So they have this wonderful enriching, anti-racist thingy now called Diversity Camp.  It makes my stomach ache.  This webpage which appears to have been “disappeared” TWO DAYS AGO which can only be viewed on a cached page, begins, “Each day children face growing pressures from the struggles against crime, drugs, and racism.”

We could solve that “racism” problem in 5 minutes.  Allow Whites that wish to, to segregate themselves from non-Whites.  Wah Lah!  No more racism!  But you won’t do that will you anti-Whites?  You need to coerce (or force) little White children to feel bad about who they are and to make reparations to future criminals starting at BIRTH.  And the only solution really and your endgame is for little White children to make little Brown children right?  There’s some nice money in this anti-racism gig too isn’t there, you scumbags?  Nice little salaries, hmmmm?  What the hell are you going to do when there’s no more “racism” to fight?  You’re useless for anything else.

I’ve got a couple of solutions for the drug problem too.  You could stop shipping in OpiYUM  from Afganistan.  You’ve (anti-White government) paid over $7 BILLION  to stop the opium trade out of that hellhole and yet, it’s worse than ever.  SURELY you don’t expect us to believe you are THAT INEPT?  You’ve “failed” huh?  Again?  Yeah right.  Failed with Fast and Furious too huh?  Somehow Eric Holder and his posse managed to sell guns to Mexican Cartels “by accident, I swear!”.  (Documentation came out a couple of days ago) Oh and is Eric “My People” Holder’s “incompetence” because of “racism”?  Oh yes, I’m sure that Whitey has been holding him back all these years, that’s why he’s the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES.

Anyway……………………..OUR kids are FINE or they will be if they are not forced to go to a multi-cultural cesspool everyday where they can learn to take drugs and have sex.

Rumor has it there are diversity camps popping up elsewhere in the U.S.  There’s money in it.  Crate and Barrel donated $1000 to this one in Chicago that I linked to.  Your best customers are White people Crate and Barrel!  What idiots you are!

Anyway………..enough ranting.  Time to take action.  Aryan Street is going to be the training ground for the infiltration of Diversity Camps, wherever they pop up.  We are looking for bright, aged 20 something White people to join the team.  More details to follow.


7 thoughts on “Abusing White Children

  1. mindweapon

    Race mixing camps were proposed in Harper’s Magazine back in 1990. The claim is that we need to be mixed because of the sun. Well, in the old days people covered up from the sun. They didn’t breed with the slaves!

    Parasols or miscegenation! Take your pick!

    I’ll take parasols for the win, Alex.

    article, written by David A. Bush, is headlined “Ozone Anxiety: It’s a
    White Thing”:
    A lot has been said recently about the thinning of the ozone
    layer. Interestingly, it turns out that the whole issue is really
    of concern only to fair-skinned Caucasians in the Northern
    Hemisphere, who are threatened with skin cancer and other
    problems associated with increased ultraviolet radiation.
    The peoples of the middle latitudes have always been exposed
    to higher ambient levels of ultraviolet radiation, but
    their naturally darker skin has acted as protection. It is entirely
    possible that “lard-white” skin just will not make it in
    this new world reality! Perhaps the era of the “classic” Caucasian
    is drawing to a close, and for completely natural reasons.
    Fair skin might eventually be considered an affliction

    and impose on those who possess it severe limitations on
    their enjoyment of the world.
    The far-thinking Caucasian cannot help but realize that the
    best gift delicate-skinned individuals can give their progeny
    is a better chance of survival in the coming ultraviolet environment.
    Fair-skinned individuals should give careful
    consideration to the selection of a mate who will contribute
    a darker complexion to the genetic makeup of their
    I am not suggesting that the government should mandate
    changes, but it could do a great deal to encourage interracial
    coupling. First of all, the government could provide some financial
    incentive to encourage interracial families. Special
    tax deductions would mitigate some of the problems that
    these families encounter.
    On another level, the government could organize summer
    camps, or even working camps, where majority children
    would encounter minority children in a relaxed atmosphere,
    away from social constraints.

    Majority girls would participate in camps where they would
    encounter only minority boys, and vice versa. In such an
    environment, children would not be subjected to prejudicial
    pressures or obsolete taboos. Even if relationships did
    not develop at these camps, the participants would gain a
    greater appreciation of people who are different from themselves.
    When they returned home, they might be more disposed
    to the idea of a different-race partner.
    In addition, the public should be educated about the positive
    aspects of a darker complexion. When mainstream television
    programming promotes the existence of couples
    from different races and backgrounds, then cultural and
    racist barriers will fall and society will move forward. A major
    benefit will be the fact that the population’s general resistance
    to ultraviolet radiation will be enhanced.
    The thinning of the ozone layer is just one more reason for
    Caucasian parents to bestow the gift of a darker complexion
    on their offspring. If we continue to lose the ozone, there
    may not be any options at all for fair-skinned individuals, as
    they will simply cease to exist. But if Caucasians do the

    right thing, how comforting it will be for them to look at
    their children and know they have done their best to ensure
    them a safe and comfortable future.

    1. Erin

      Just when I thought I couldn’t be shocked any more.

      Not that I’d want this but how often do you hear the jewstream media telling blacks, Meztizos, Asians, etc. that if they want their progeny to thrive in the future, they should breed with high IQ, highly creative Whites?


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