Conflict Resolution

I’m taking my blog back.

When I have someone spewing on my blog, I put them in moderation.  This means, I have to approve their comments before the comments are allowed on my blog.  I have had to do this for the first time today at Aryan Street.

I am not into democracy where everyone gets a voice even if the way they are communicating is harmful to the group.  I’m a thought leader, at least here on my blog and when someone else’s way of communicating interferes with the purposes of this blog, their comments must be moderated.

If someone has a problem they would like to discuss with me, it would be great to get a logically organized note sent to my email so I can address the problem.  Here’s my email address.  Please keep your communication succinct, without the histrionics please and if you can do that, I promise to investigate.


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