99% of White Nationalists Need To Have THIS

A thriving, wholesome community of friends. Some of us are estranged from our families because of our healthy racial consciousness and that makes it all the more crucial, for our own sanity that work toward this.

A WN friend of mine is very networked outside of our circles and I have seen how his circle of friends has benefitted him. When he lost his job around 18 months ago, he found himself in dire straights and he was to the point he was considering living in his van. He was open about it, shared his troubles with his compadres, and received multiple offers of couches and even spare bedrooms he could use until he got on his feet. He’s a great guy who has consistently contributed and no one wanted to see him homeless.

He ended up taking a live in job caretaking for an older gentleman (many such jobs exist and being part of groups helps you find them) so he didn’t have to “freeload” off of anyone.

He filled out many hundreds of applications looking for a good job whilst staying with the older man. What finally came through for him was a very good job, one he can make a career of, should he wish to, with an old friend of his. Don’t you love a happy ending? All because he chose quality frien..ds and cultivated those relationships over the years.

Don’t go it alone. It’s a cold cruel world out there and getting colder by the minute. Don’t miss out on the greatest resource on the planet, your White sisters and brothers. Find them on forums, blogs or even real life. There are lots of people who share our basic beliefs. It will take some time and considerable effort but it will be well worth it.

PS. I’ve learned over the years not to get into heated debates with my friends over minor points


4 thoughts on “99% of White Nationalists Need To Have THIS

  1. Skeeter

    Absolutely. Great post — my hope is to help rebuild white community so that one day whites just waking up will all get this message: “You’re not evil, you’re not wrong, you’re not crazy and, most importantly, you’re NOT ALONE.”

    It’s too easy to get isolated in this subculture and think you’re the Lone Ranger against a world of Indians.


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