WEEV-This will encourage you.

While my frenemy Firepower over at Eradica tries to bully White men into doing what he won’t do (violence), this guy, who from what I understand was not originally a White Nationalist, hacked into AT&Ts Server WITHOUT doing anything illegal (at the time) and collected 114,000 email addesses.  Weev before

His fun got him a prison sentence of 41 months.  After THREE years his sentence was vacated on Constitutional grounds since no crime was committed by him.

He has demanded restitution for his months in prison IN BITCOIN since he knows US dollars aren’t going to be worth squat soon.

They messed with the wrong guy.  He was just having a bit of fun.  Now he is radicalized and…a National Socialist.  He says he is leaving the country and when he comes back it  will be with an army, be it human or automaton.

weev after

I believe he will, too.  Read more here.


7 thoughts on “WEEV-This will encourage you.

  1. Michael Weaver

    Read about this fellow earlier on the Daily Stormer. We need to build an army of cyber experts. Hopefully, he will utilize
    his expertise in the furtherance of NS ideals. We must go on the offensive.

  2. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    This regular White Guy gets put in prison for not breaking the law, meanwhile millions of squatmonsters are hanging out within our borders illegally intentionally breaking the law and the are glorified as doing the jobs Americans won’t do.


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