My Friend is in Danger Part 2

You may remember my post from a couple of months ago called, My Friend is in Danger.  I wanted to give you an update about the situation.

Not a day has gone by that my friend hasn’t seen weird stuff happening around his home and when he walked on the streets in his neighborhood and beyond.  It is going to sound strange but he has seen a LOT of people just sitting in the back seats of their cars, alone.  Then, while he is watching, they get out and sit in the front seat. It’s just a little odd.  Also, after suspecting for some time that someone has been trying to get his dogs to bark to spook him, he hid out and actually saw people doing this.  Finally, a neighbor told him that another neighbor is in cahoots with whoever is bothering him.  These gang stalkers seem to want to make him think he’s crazy and fill him with fear.

We know who the perpetrator is because of the G4S car that was in his neighborhood that he took a photo of-you can find it on the first post about this.  I am trying to get him to take more photos but he seems to be nervous about doing this.  Maybe he thinks things will get worse. 

He has contacted both left and right wing sources recently to see if they were familiar with this organized stalking, otherwise known as gang stalking.  They WERE familiar with this and one of them confirmed that at least some of it is being done by GS4, a huge “security” company (they employ around half a million people worldwide!) 

Interestingly, when I googled “G4S””Israel” (parenthesis help when doing google research, by the way) I found a lot of scary stuff on them.  See for yourself.  Why did I link them with Israel you ask?  Do you have to ask? 

Solidarity protest with Palestinian prisoners, Brussels, Belgium

Ah, security company.  It sounds like such a nice thing.  It turns out though that on of the things G4$ is doing is guarding innocent Palestinian children in prison IN SOLIDARY CONFINEMENT for Israel


Isn’t it interesting that all the things Jews accuse the Germans of doing in WW2 are things THEY do?  Uncanny! 

In most cases the children are arrested from their homes in the occupied West Bank by Israeli soldiers in the middle of the night. After being tied and blindfolded, the children are transferred to an interrogation centre inside Israel, most commonly to the Al Jalame facility, near Haifa. The children report being held in solitary confinement at these facilities for an average of 10 days. Whilst detained in these facilities, the children are questioned by ISA interrogators and are generally denied access to their parents and a lawyer. No education is provided to children at these facilities.

Click the underlined words above for more about this.

This gang stalking seems to be getting more and more prevalent.  Please re-blog this post so that more and more people will know what they are dealing with if this happens to them.  If you know someone that has a blog or website with a large readership, please send them this post so perhaps they will look into this and inform their readers about this gang stalking by G4S.  Thank you.

PS.  Just because this isn’t happening to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.  Anyone who is halfway awake knows that our enemies will stop at nothing to get what they want so please keep an open mind and get the word out.  


10 thoughts on “My Friend is in Danger Part 2

  1. Tina

    There’s a blog on gang stalking called Neverending1. She talks a lot about it, since it happens to her.
    And of course, there’s the blog, Stalked By Morons

  2. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Gangstalking is a Psychological Gulag with the goal of breaking its victim mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. Its purpose is isolate its victim and to render him or her helpless from all other means of supports. It is my belief that I have been gangstalked since the Fall of 2011. Since that time, I have moved nearly every six months.
    Do I think one particular group or organization is after me – no; however, I do think that the media via Jew Tube and Talmudvision has generated a series of narratives, and that if certain American citizens do not adhere or conform to the narrative prescribed by the Kikes, then there is a concerted effort by the Kike pets and payees (groids, spics, dune coons, etc.) to essentially harass those individuals who do not conform to their prescribed narratives such that they will be driven out of the USA (Amurkistan).

    Whites are not wanted in Amurkistan. The Jews want us out. The Mexicans and drug cartels want us out. The Groids want us out. They have planned out forced exodus for years and it bums them out that we are still holding out. Gangstalking is the final step before an all out declared war, which will never happen because Kikes are essentially backstabbing pusseys, the Groids know that America will turn into an ebola infested shit pile, and the Mexicans, well, who are they going to serve their “Mexican cuisine” to?
    Edward Snowden is a hero and so are others, such as the bloggers behind Neverending and Stalked By Morons because they have revealed the machinations of gangstalking.
    We just have to hang in here because the false narratives (the Holohoax, groids are oppressed, Latinos are family oriented an don and on) are being torn apart thanks to independent bloggers and independent sources of media. Amurkistan citizens have been enduring Communism Light for the past several decades under the guise of “Crapitalism”.

  3. Dark Side of the Moon

    Gangstalking is very serious business. We are in a spiritual war. Good vs. evil. Gog vs. Magog. One white woman I know put together an elaborate black sunwheel in her front yard. It all stopped. Indo White Europeans must collectively together help fight this battle with awareness and Thor like vigor.

  4. Paladin Justice

    I also was gang stalked, for two years. It stopped when I filed a lawsuit against the parties that I believe were behind it. They were high public officials, probably using government resources to pysc me out. They have a history of their critics committing suicide. I believe the purpose of gangstalking is to create a mindset in which the victim commits suicide, even if that victim is no real threat to them. The parties behind gangstalking view themselves as gods. They enjoy the sick process of it.

  5. rollingwriter

    I’m only just now learning about ‘gang stalking’. This question may sound weird, but has anybody ever heard of them transmitting, or making the victim believe their is being transmitted, an invasive show about his life, where everyone they know is interviewed on it and encouraged to say negative things?
    I know, crazy question.

    1. olaf

      There are no crazy questions anymore. I know that some gangstalking groups film everything and watch their exploits on the web or closed circuit tv to enjoy and to plan.

      I’ve not heard of this particular situation, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

      We live in extaordinarily evil times. We are experiencing the advent of raw judaism as jb campbell says. Sadism and bizzarre wanton cruelty are the order of the day.

  6. Jack

    Gangstalking entered my life about four or five years ago and I didn’t understand it until Sept. 2014 with the help of the internet. Through license plates and being aware I’m certain that G4S is behind it. Acting as law enforcement (which they are not), they lied about me to the community like neighborhood watch groups and possible the freemasons. G4S could track my cell phone and by texting, the community perps would be able to harass me and thought they were doing good. G4S and the other private contractors have a lot of weapons in their arsenal and the hapless victim TI is in for a wild ride. The only problem is they have no mercy and don’t care if you die. It’s bizarre!


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