Survival is the Highest Good

jewfemaleI used to try hard to be a “good person”.  My parents taught me to be “good” which meant (although I’ve always had a rebellious streak against things I thought made no sense) that overall, I did what most (White) people in society would say was right.  Churchianity played a part in this too of course.  (I’m not bashing Christianity in its best sense though)  The phoney baloney stories about our past “leaders” (who it turns out were working for the interests of themselves and their elite buddies) and how honest and God-fearing they were also influenced me greatly.

THEN a few years ago I realized that traditionally White countries, all over the world are coerced and even forced to take in scores of non-Whites and treat them, not like the Lord of the Flies children that they are (especially the Negroes), but like some sort of royalty, to be showered with every form of privilege at the expense of our own children.  Even if it kills us all or we are bred out of existence in a demographic WAR most Whites don’t even comprehend yet.

I don’t feel super angry about this anymore.  The fight for land and resources in this world has been going on as long as there have been humans (and animals) on this earth.

What I feel is determination.  Any religion or creed that would tell me I must always tell the truth even when it hurts myself and my kin, always pay more than my fair share, never think of defending myself from thieves, murderers and rapists, accept some weirdo sissy-lisp faggot as an equal etc. holds no attraction for me.

Give me that old-time religion of a Charles”THE HAMMER” Martel where he built the first full time army in world history-stealing Church lands to do it.  The Church was furious about it until later when it realized that he was right to do it.

That’s MY kind of religion.

I have a couple of friends who probably think I’m going to the dogs.  One said, a few months ago that she hasn’t lost her moral compass.  Another seems to think that if you try to make a lot of money that you are part of  “the system” and that’s bad.

My moral compass tells me that all is fair in love and war and we are at war.  It’s as real as if there were bullets flying all around us, it is just more subtle.  My moral compass tells me that I put too many years into trying to be a good girl within “the system” almost completely destroying my mind and body.  My moral compass tells me that I only have a few years left to try to recoup my losses so that perhaps I (and you) will have White grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren.

Charles Martel shows that Might Makes Right.  So do the “Jews” in Palestine.  They want that land and they won’t be happy until they own every inch of it as portrayed in this video.  This Jewess doesn’t seem to have any problem called her Palestinian neighbors whores and helping to frighten them so much they barely leave the house.

I would probably be kinder to my enemies, were I a “settler” somewhere.  Still, I don’t owe my enemies any kindness.

I’m not promoting violence or “lawlessness” here, only saying that my mindset has changed and continues to change into survival mode rather than victim mode.  I hope yours will too.


4 thoughts on “Survival is the Highest Good

  1. Tina

    I have followed the same trajectory: I became aware of what’s going on only very slowly. Took decades, of course. Then I discovered WN online. And THAT put together all the pieces. And how frightening it is.

    the WN blogs have equipped me with the knowledge and language needed to approach people and tell them about what’s going on.

    I can fight now.

  2. DR

    Thank you. I identify with your past struggle with what is ‘right’. What I have latey realized is that God is above all very interested in whom you love and whom you hate. My churchianity now consists of this: I love God’s people and I hate his enemies.

  3. Ryu

    Not bad. Good is what’s good for us. Evil is what’s bad for us. It’s that simple.

    The struggle will never be over. Even if we get all that we want, we will still have to fight. Nothing in life is ever over.


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