I like a lot of what Viking Bitch posts.  I believe she does a good job portraying the feelings of aware, working class women. 

I relate to many of the things she talks about and I’m sure many of you do too.  STILL, I do not wish to stay “working class”.  I’m not particularly proud to be a part of it.  Hard work is a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong but to work your arse off to make another family wealthy is not the optimal position. 

I don’t actually know if VB is still working class or not….I’m afraid I don’t follow her closely enough…and I’m definitely not picking on her.  She just brings this topic to mind. 

I realized a few years ago that working for rich dudes and corporations was NOT the way I wanted to spend my energy.  I also don’t like being a virtual robot on the job, never able to use my creativity.  40 hours a week of THAT was kiling my spirit.  We are meant for far better.

It’s likely my many of my ancestors were peasants but I’m hopeful that some of them dreamed dreams while they were plowing fields.  I am their child and I dream big dreams, so certainly some of them did too.  I like to think the same spirit of innovation and wanting to improve even the most simple ways of doing things lived inside of my ancestors and was passed on to me. 

Which brings me to today.  I started working for myself a few years ago…out of self preservation mostly.  I didn’t care about making much money…just surviving.  After reading Ryu’s work and Rob’s work for a couple of years ago, I realize that being at the bottom of the food chain isn’t going to help My People as a whole, nor is it going to help the people I care about the survive and thrive.  It is a SIN to waste any talent, skill or energy I’ve been endowed with. 

All hands on deck.   No more whining people.  We’ve got shit to do.  Make millions.  Make PLEs.  Make a future for White children. 

Do it when it’s difficult.  Do it when you think the Jews have got all the good stuff locked down.  Do it when you’re tired.  Do it when you’re depressed.   Do it when your friends and immediate family thinks you’re nuts.  Do something everyday for our future.  I’m with you in spirit.  We will only suceed if we want it and are willing to work for it.

PS.  Do not worry if you can’t quit your job right now.  It is something to work toward.  I wish all of you much success!  Let’s be great together!


8 thoughts on “Competition

  1. Tina

    Very upbeat. I agree with you on VB. She’s got a wealth of info and experience to share with us in a cogent and funny manner– you too by the way.

    And yes, we need to work for ourselves, for no other reason than The Cathedral is busy trying to starve all whites.

    Remember: buy EVERYTHING, every service, every product from small white stores. It CAN be done! I even did it in Southern Mexifornia when I lived there.

  2. theactiveskeptic

    Yes Tina, inspirational indeed!
    Interesting that this was posted, as I have been recently been undergoing some serious self-scrutiny regarding this subject. I am an intelligent, aware White man who has training and experience in a couple of trades and still am giving my skills to a bumkin who still thinks 911 was done by, ‘them evil muslims’, lol.
    Not going to kick myself around about it too much; can’t change the past, only the future.
    Time to get with it!

  3. mindweapon


    Good for you! I wanted people out there to know that a good job for people like us, if we are confident and extroverted, is selling cars. There’s lots of youtubes about selling — see Tom Hopkins and Jordan Befort for starters. If you are good at sales, car dealerships don’t care if you are a google felon, and you can make 6 figures.

    Then you can save your money and get a downpayment on your first apartment building and start making rental income. If you get this far, get some books on “property management.” don’t buy a single family house! Get a multifamily and let your tenants pay your mortgage and some or all of the bills related to the building! Also, rental income is taxed at a lower rate than self employment income and employment income.

  4. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Working Whites is a term I use often on my blog to differentiate people who work and contribute to society and those people who make their living by sewing discord via class warfare and then profiting off of it.

    There is working hard and working smart. There is also working the system. Whites will succeed when we learn to work hard and smart while also working the system before it works us!

  5. Paladin Justice

    Although Business Insider is a Jewish liberal site, there is often good information by Jews, probably intended for other Jews, on how to succeed in the corporate world or just in life in general. Any white person with ambition in that direction should spend a week sampling that site to see if it fits their needs. If nothing else, you’ll learn more about how the Jewish mind works. Remember, this is a Jewish site. Don’t get hooked into some of their craziness. Harvest the good stuff and toss the rest.


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