“Liberals” Are Trying to Make Us Unhappy

girls(1)This post is dedicated to all you other “anti-racist””liberals”.

Let’s look at the happiest ten countries in the world for 2013, according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.  Oh and just for $hits and giggles, lets put the percentage of White people (according to Wikipedia-taken from the countries’ official stats*) in the country next to the entry.

1.  Denmark          89.6%

2.  Norway             at least 86%  Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

3.  Switzerland       at least 76.7%  Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

4.  Netherlands      80.9%

5.  Sweden             at least 80% Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

6.  Canada             76.7%

7.  Finland              Close to 100%

8.  Austria               at least 81%  Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

9.  Iceland                94%

10. Australia            85%

Okay, so as you can see, the one thing these counties have in common is that their residents  are majority EUROPEAN.

Let’s look at the bottom of the list now.  In fairness, it appears that only 156 countries were included in this study.

156.  Togo

155.  Benin

154.  Central African Republic

153.  Burundi

152.  Rwanda

151.  Tanzania

150.  Guinea

149.  Comoros

148.  Syria

147.  Senegal

south africa

South Africa, 2010

As you can see, most if not all these unhappy countries have pretty much ZERO Europeans living in them.  It is indisputable that, As Bob Whitaker says, “Brown countries are poor countries”.  And we all know that although money doesn’t BUY happiness, no one aspires to be poor and happy because well, we know prosperity is better.  Duh.

So why DO “liberals” insist we take in wave after wave these poor, unhappy people?  WhyBecause they want Whites to be unhappy.  They want our countries to be Brown, Poor and Unhappy.  What kind of crap is that?


For those of you with an ear to hear (or eyes to read), this is all about Competition.  Jew and White anti-racists are not our friends, fellow citizens “working together for a better world”.  They are making a better world for THEMSELVES by making slaves of poor, unhappy, brown immigrants.  The immigrants (for the most part) just aren’t smart enough to see it for what it is) SHAME ON YOU “LIBERALS”.

That’s why in California, one of the leading states in diversityisourstrength, all the upper-middle class and rich Whites and Jews have (mostly) brown nannies, housekeepers, car washers, cooks in their restaurants, janitors in their businesses etc. because They LOVE their little brown slaves.  And we Whites that want to survive WITHOUT taking advantage of the brown people, are in their way and must be neutralized.

A pox on you ANTI-WHITE, ANTI-HUMAN SCUM.  You are the most vicious, evil bitches on the planet.

If you feel guilty for being White (or “Jew-White”), “Liberal” (and you anti-racist conservatards too), instead of trying to make ME unhappy, why don’t you kill YOURSELF and get it over with?

PS.  I’m pretty sure most of the happiest countries were never SLAVE countries nor have they been colonizers.  Just goes to show, it is best for Europeans to be ALONE.

*Please note that the stats for each country may be from different years.  Please don’t be a retard and miss the point of the article by nitpicking the numbers.  This post intends only to give a general idea of who is living in these countries. 


7 thoughts on ““Liberals” Are Trying to Make Us Unhappy

  1. Just Here

    Well, it makes sense.
    In a homogenous white society, people can relate with others since they share the same culture, habits, traditions etc. and they are also smart enough to maintain a pretty high standard of civilization.
    Compared to Africa where most of them have only tribal traditions and low IQ, it’s no wonder they can’t maintain any semblance of civilization.

    1. Just Here

      Umm i was only trying to argue why they are unhappy unlike most white countries, which is why i said it makes sense.
      I don’t agree with liberals, in case anyone misunderstood. I have the same position as the author.

  2. Obie

    I’d say the liberals are doing a damned good job of making people unhappy. But what goes around comes around. Their obsession with destroying white civilization will bring about their own very unpleasant destruction at the hands of the non-whites they champion at every turn.


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