qI don’t spend a lot of time on the topic of feminism.  The reason for this is I find that the Jew Shrews, for their own nefarious purposes have ALREADY achieved enough equality for me and almost every woman in Western Civilization.  I can do SO many things in this world if I’m willing to get off my arse and do them.  I can run a business, write a book, have babies (or not) vote, run for office etc.  Why in the hell would I spend time fighting with my WN brothers on the internet when I can do almost anything I want???

Do I owe a debt of gratitude to the Jew Shrews who obtained (With the total  permission AND COMISSION of the power elite) this freedom for me?  Most definately not!  Women have only been encouraged along these lines with the objective of destroying the institution of the Family.  

However, since I am too old to have any more children, I am not above using my freedoms to help my people to surv

ive this current attempt to genocide us.  So I plan to use my intelligent Aryan mind, not ton tear down our men, but to build them up.  I also plan to use my creativity and persistence to make money that can be used for good pupose for my extended family and our cause.  




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