Finding Yourself

This post is directed at the (White) newbies to race realism and those just beginning to become Jew-wise.

A campaign was started in the 60s and has continued since that time for people to “find themselves”.  Did you find yourselves yet or did you instead find yourself either poor and sick, or wealthy and unhappy, even mentally sick?

Many poor Whites (check your bank balance “middle class” folks)  wasted their YOUTH, from their teen years well into their twenties on drugs, alcohol, pointless sex, television and other vapid entertainments trying to find themselves.  They wasted what could have been the most productive years of their lives on these things, thinking their youthful strength would last forever.  Instead, they find their middle-aged selves in financial crises all the time with only their booze, drugs and lottery tickets standing between them and suicide. 

Wealthier Whites did much of the same but live either on borrowed time (until mom & dad’s or grandma and grandpa’s money runs out) OR have been high functioning enough to make some money and maintain the outer appearance of gentility.  Still, they (especially the women) must take legal drugs (pharmaceuticals) every day to stay sane.  Is this what you call finding yourself?

“Finding Yourself” is Jewspeak for reject everything that your parents tried to teach you, things that have been passed down from one generation of your ancestors to the next for centuries and do what WE tell you.  WE meaning, complete strangers who declared themselves the leaders of society and who knew EVERYTHING (or so they wanted us to believe).

WHY did we listen to these strangers?  I did it too! 

I guess it doesn’t matter why.  The important thing is to fearlessly examine the fruits of listening to THEM (mostly Jews) and deciding if we want to keep going in this direction or if we want to reclaim our legacy, our ancient teachings, so we can remember who we REALLY ARE. 

And by the way, the “finding yourself” meme is only the tip of the iceberg of what “the experts” have shoved down our throats.  Another is, “we are all the same, under the skin” so we need racial diversity in our world (diverse actually means different, so we are actually being asked by our self declared experts to believe in these conflicting ideas simultaneously to fulfill their agenda-think on THAT for awhile!)

Our ancestors were what is called today “parochial”.  They came from small villages in Europe and they built small villages in the new world.  They protected their villages because villages grew out of extended families.  Perhaps sometimes the dreaded inbreeding took place but if it were a huge problem, Whites as a whole wouldn’t have been able to evolve and develop (and yes even dominate at times) faster than all other races of people. 

In Europe and in European outposts worldwide, when an outsider came to live in the village (no matter the race), they were WATCHED.  Before they were allowed in the community, they had to prove to the ingroup that they would be an asset, not a liability.  This is what is called being discriminating, much like when you upscale Whites choose organic foods so that you aren’t having a dose of poison with your meal.  You are being smart and selective so you and your family can stay healthy and viable. 

The wise villagers (likely because of bad past experiences) wanted to protect the people they loved from people who might take advantage of them in business, rape their women and girls, subvert their religious beliefs and so on.  And the wise European villagers, unknowingly, in tandem, built the beautiful, orderly, wealthy countries in Europe as well as, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia (Built by White prisoners, no less!)  The proof is in the pudding.  Discrimination builds beautiful societies that people from around the world wish to live in. 

Although they are still just as clannish as we used to be, Blacks did not build civilizations like ours, not did Asians. 

But today, we are told by the experts (mostly Jews) that this smart, protective thinking and activity is MEAN SPIRITED BAD BEHAVIOR.  I won’t deal with the why in this post.  Kevin McDonald and others have explained it better than I ever could if you’d like to read up on it. 

So it’s time to examine whether “anti-racism” is in the best interests of White people.  SURE it’s great for Blacks and Asians.  Slavery and Colonialism not withstanding, overall, their contact with Whites has improved their lives, otherwise why else would they be coming into White countries IN DROVES, even risking death to do so?  But is it smart or desirable for us (the top 10% to commit racial suicide to “help” the bottom 90%)  to our own detriment?

Because it IS suicide to live among non-Whites.  You organic food eaters know this instinctively which is why, when your neighborhood get too Brown (which strangely enough coincides with your neighborhood’s higher crime rates as well as lower test scores in your schools) you move to a Whiter area of the world.  It is why you poor Whites have children who end up dressing and acting like the prevailing gang in your rapidly declining neighborhood.  They are trying to fit in.  They are protecting themselves because you wasted your youth so YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MOVE.

I’m talking to YOU Teaparty, Republican fool.  I’m talking to you, do-gooder, liberal fool.  Wake up and smell the diversity.  Be honest with yourselves for once in your pathetic life.  YOU KNOW diversity is NOT our strength.  It is the greatest tool of our destruction.

It must be stopped. 


15 thoughts on “Finding Yourself

  1. insurrectionist

    That’s me and not me. My parents were a lost cause before I was even born. I don’t see any point to live a life of striving.
    I take decent care of myself.I have no tattoos. I’m still in pretty good shape.
    I’m just a blue collar guy, but I can do so many things that the wetbacks can’t, so I stay employed. I don’t steal, I’m not sloppy & stupid like they are. I guess that helps.
    I live in the silicon valley of California. Every day is a day of restraint. So many invaders and colonists everywhere I look. The whites I know still put on a face like it’s all good. They know that it can’t go on forever like this I think, but nobody talks about what’s to come.
    We need a break. Something to stir us. An act of providence.
    I propose a truce. A day of forgiveness for our elites. Just one day, say Christmas eve. The hundredth year anniversary of the no mans land truce during the Great War.
    After that no mercy, no quarter.
    Grim determination is coming.

  2. Just Here

    Many poor Whites (check your bank balance “middle class” folks) wasted their YOUTH, from their teen years well into their twenties on drugs, alcohol, pointless sex, television and other vapid entertainments trying to find themselves.

    I agree with this.
    Most people ~20-30 yo mostly do it and they usually say something along the lines of “you’re too young not to fool around”.
    Well, I’m thinking that life is too short to fool around, since after 30 years you won’t really have that much time or vigor to fool around anymore and your health after so much abuses towards your body won’t be the best either.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Yes, we were taught by the ruling class/Jewstream media that we should have fun during our youth. In the old days there was no such thing as adolescence. You were a child and then, sometime in your teens (first menstruation for a female for instance) you became an adult, ready and capable of starting a family. It worked for centuries…or more. Then the Jew and toady White sidekicks came an loused it up. We have to stop listening to them.

      1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

        Oh and now of course our “youth” extends to our 20s, 30s, 40s and forever. I saw an ad the other day for AARP where a woman in her 60s or more was wearing BRACES. Hello? It’s a little late for that now!

  3. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Interesting piece.

    During my graduate training in psychology, I had a Jew Think White supervisor tell me that she saw me as so ‘guarded’. It was a negative twist put on what I call being self protective. Later, after this bitch backstabbed me, I recalled that my guardedness, my defensiveness was my natural instincts kickicking in because I intuited that this lady was no good.
    ‘Strangers’ is an apt term used to describe these Jews and we should not talk to strangers.

    Yes, many Working Whites and Elite Whites fucked up, but we have to forgive ourselves and ONLY ourselves. Forgiveness should not be wasted on the Jews

  4. Paladin Justice

    As a former professor and professional writer, I appreciate how well crafted this post is. I also appreciate some of my teachers in high school who warned us kids against the Jew think that is so common today. Fortunately for me, I’ve marched to the beat of my own drummer all my life and avoided many of the traps the Jews have set for us..

  5. Berk

    I would say our parents and grand parents were already mostly liberal as a CONCEPT and couldn’t STAND up to a single non-white saying help me I’m a poor oppressed.

    The difference now is we get to see what it means when your city becomes 80% non-white and anti-white ethnic ghettoes form up. ALOT of white sheeple are waking up and finding themselves and breaking away from our liberal parents ideas, NOW finding yourself is a good thing!

  6. theactiveskeptic

    Reblogged this on The Active Skeptic and commented:
    Nice, quick layout of where we are at. I looked back at my life growing up as I read this and said, “yes, yes, yes.”
    I live in an area not directly affected by all this diversity, yet. The distractions provided by our aggressors have blinded the blue collars to what is going on.

  7. Digger

    Excellent straight-talking post.

    You know when things are really bad, when non-indiginous people here in Britain (both non-white and white) are complaining about the amount of foreigners flooding into Britain. Even they’re feeling threatened.

    However, I am now at a stage where any finger-pointing has to be at ourselves. We must take responsibility for our gullibility and for being so damn myopic. We allowed ourselves to be fooled by the jew – yet again. All the sellouts working in local councils and immigration have done this to their own country, in order for short-term Pavlovian rewards – £££ for a comfortable lifestyle. Even though their offspring will pay the price in the end.

    So now we have finally sobered up after the party – wot we genna do about it?

    What realistic solutions are we as individuals going to offer? And do we have the balls to implement them?

    Because if we don’t come up with these solutions and act on them pretty fast – we are stuffed. Some would argue it is too late, that the damage is done??


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