Mindweapons Evangelize!

It is a sad time for many of us because Rob Freeman, the author of Mindweapons in Ragnarok is going to take a break from blogging to write his book. 

Still, his blog was never meant to be strictly for entertainment purposes.  The idea is to implement his ideas, so I think the timing is right for us to wean ourselves from daily blog reading and commenting and get to work.  I had come to this conclusion a while back which is why you won’t find me blogging as often as I used to.  We have plenty of material to work with now!  As you wean yourself off of Rob’s blog, you can always go back to his old posts and read again.  There’s gold in there! 

I also ask that fans fo MWs blog to pdf and even print out his best posts on paper.  The author of this Huffington Post piece seems surprised that Mindweapons in Ragnarok is even still up so I’m guessing SOMEONE is pressuring wordpress, perhaps as we speak, to take this history-making blog down.  Until Rob’s book is published, we need to keep his work circulating and accessible. 

Finally, the stats for Aryan Street are up, probably because I’m on MW’s blogroll and the haters (and hopefully some honest seekers too) want to check me out. 

Aryan Street is a spin-off of Rob’s blog.  I think his non-violent strategy for helping Whites live through the heinous plan to genocide our people (through promotion of race-mixing, feminism, homosexuality, and more) is exceptional.  I hope his non-violent strategy works.  If it doesn’t, things could get ugly.  I’m not threatening anyone.  I’m an old lady.  I just know that history will continue to repeat itself.  For the most part Whites don’t take kindly to being ground into the dirt. 

Some people might take exception to my slogan, “Taking Our World Back” so I will take a moment to explain it for the truly confused.  Taking OUR world back doesn’t mean taking YOUR world back.  At this point most White Nationalists probably would be happy to get one sliver of land to call our own.  Here in California alone there are a number of ethnic enclaves such as Chinatowns, Little Saigons, and a Little Tokyo.  These are just the enclaves I can think of, off the top of my head.  As Whites are forced (yes forced to integrate and) melt into the soup that is “America” we must have a  Little Europe so that we may preserve OUR way of life.  It is imperative.  ALSO, since soon we will not be the majority sub-species of humans in the U.S. we will need to have our own exclusive networks where we may exchange information and share resources,  just as the so-called minorities (some of whom are very wealthy I might add) do.  We are strangers in this land now.  One drive around the City of Los Angeles should hammer this point home to you dumb Whities who don’t get it yet. 

By the way, going “back to Europe” isn’t the answer because Europe too, our former homeland, is being deluged with non-Whites.  We need a place of our own and we need it now.

Until next time!


23 thoughts on “Mindweapons Evangelize!

  1. WhiteMight Is Right

    Women are to be expected to praise nonviolence, even when the jews’ SWAT team is approaching the bedroom door. But our women ought to be smart enough not to espouse it and profess it to our people as a solution.

    Genocide is force, isn’t it? Force is being used against us, isn’t it?

    In a battle (and this is not just a battle, it is a war that jewry started against us long ago), when force meets pacifist, who wins? Force wins every time.

    You will miss the pacifist of MW? I will never miss a single person professing pacifism/nonviolence in this time of war.

    Don’t you know that great White truthtellers throughout the last century tried every kind of nonviolent opposition to jewry’s advance, and all failed? Don’t you see that the problem is worse than ever and will only continue to get worse unless more of us do to the enemy what the enemy is doing to us? Do you see what the enemy is doing to Palestinians? The enemy did that to 100 million people in Europe during the last century. That’s what they do when they get sufficient control. They did the Great Depression to us. We were saved from that by Adolf Hitler’s Germany. Jewry had to unleash White productivity in the USA to build up a war machine big enough to murder the German nation.

    Our veterans went to other countries and killed, killed, killed the WRONG people. They didn’t kill any jews. And now they are useless PACIFISTS at home when the real enemy is right here among us.

    People who won’t fight and kill the enemy in order to defend self, family, community, country, and RACE don’t deserve to benefit from the heroic actions of our White MEN who do fight and kill the enemy.

    1. Obie

      Violent revolution is the only kind of revolution that will get our countries back. It’s delusional to think anything else will. That said, a violent revolution without God spearheading it is doomed to failure, for our people are in this predicament because they have turned from Him.

  2. Harley

    None of you ever notice how easily pro-whites are crucified for their hypocrisy and double standards. MW’s wife was running for a position that was only open to her because of those evil, vile feminists.

    Yet people came out to support the Freemans when her chances were decimated…because Rob wasn’t strong enough in his convictions to go out and advocate in open air in his own name.

    And this is because his values are just as relative as Diversity Cult’s is.

    On the Daily Beast article a poster said he was just like Obama and Holder, just the other side’s version. This was the single best quote that has come out of the brouhaha. A pro-white friend recently admitted to me, in the scandal’s context, that his values were relative ultimately.

    This is why we lose every time, and will continue to do so.

  3. Maureen Martin

    Hi Harley. As you can see here, http://onepeoplesproject.com/index.php/rogues-gallery/6-f/132-robert-freeman Rob was outed many years ago. He has done a ton of street activism in the past and in order to protect his family after the 2009 outing, he went underground, sort of, no longer using his real name but being a prolific writer. He has done a lot for WN. As far as I can tell, he has done substantially more than you.

    It is easier to be a critic than to be productive. If you are going to continue to be an argumentative pain in the butt, I’m going to ban you from my blog. This is my final warning.

    1. Harley

      Since I’ve only been around for less than two years, I think it’d be hard to measure. I speak in my own name to reporters, activists and the semi-aware all over my state and the country, taking on tough issues without skulking around or speaking out of both sides of my mouth.

      But knock yourself out.

      1. Erin

        Umm no, not hard to measure. You: Less than two years of (according to you) activism vs. Rob: over ten years of activism as documented by our enemies plus he is well. known and respected by many long time WNs. Very measurable.

        BTW, being a critic isn’t activism.

  4. Harley

    My name is all over FB and the pro-white movement. Should I make it so easy for them and post it? If you asked around you’d find it in a second.

    Of course I don’t respect One People’s Project or their cowardice. I just think Rob should have advocated in his own name because by obscuring it he just made it easier for whites’ enemies to make it appear he was somehow hiding.

    I sort of have been playing it discreet for a bit but I’m done with that. I’m also not a supremacist, though, so there’s nothing for me to hide about anyway. If people who care about white people think race realism is a winning platform, I’m kind of at a loss. It’s just not. Even Rob sort of recanted in his recent coming out, by claiming he seeks allies of any kind who are of like mind.

    It’s just kind of hard to do that when you think whites are superior in some abstract way. I only want liberation for my people, and to me they’re better because I’m one of them.

    I’ll just never get, Maureen, how you advocate for all whites (because I sincerely think you try to and have a good heart) yet don’t realize that race realism is inherently divisive amongst us and also destructive to our liberation in the larger arena.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      I don’t even know where to start with you. You are very emotional and it is causing you to (among other things) contradict yourself at every turn. For instance , in just one post you say you have been discrete but you get all over Rob for doing the sa m e thing,. If that wasn’t enough, you turn around and refuse to give your real name. What freakish behavior!

      And what is this White Supremacist bs? Almost no one claims that title. And then you turn around and say that your people are better because you are one of them. Bizarro!

      You’re communications remind me of the confused jew trolls I see around the intrernet. If your confusing rants are actually from a European mind, I suggest you create your OWN blog where you can share your ideas. Perhaps there is some gold in that crazy brain of yours.

      1. Harley

        No, I said I had been discreet but once I wanted to advocate publicly I’ve stopped. You’re friends with people who know my name so I’m not sure why you feel some need to make an issue of it.

        My people deserve liberation; that’s not saying they’re better than others, or that to achieve that they must prove they have ‘higher average IQ’s, etc.’ In terms of ideas your recent posts seem like I’ve given you some.

        To conclude on activism, it’s my opinion that if you can’t walk straight up to the people you come from (your hometown, etc.) and/or your neighbors and be open about what you advocate, then maybe something’s not right, and it doesn’t appear Rob was ever able to do that.

        I do it all the time, but as I said, I have no big hypocrisies to hide.

      2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

        Now you are lying because Rob has blogged specifically about discussing his views. I don’t have time to answer your lies. Are you trolling??? I see nothing productive from your posts, only put downs. I’ll tell you what, you set the world on fire for WN and I will be very happy to try your techniques, until then, you are one of many blowhards that come and go. I don’t have time for you nonsense.

  5. Harley

    And Erin, being respected by many WN’s doesn’t really translate into being succesful in the real world. This movement is almost solely internet-based. It’s not a real movement. We rarely bring in new people or get anything but blabbing accomplished.

    It’s not that people don’t learn here and there from Rob’s blog, but it takes someone already highly aware and of a certain mindset to even know it exists.

    I may be a critic, but so is every single person in this movement who goes out of their way to demonize ‘feminists,’ when not one person can even define what it is. That’s just ridiculous. So is the idea of White Nationalism as an internet phenomenon. What is it exactly?

    Besides critiquing, I’m out in my own name all over the internet and in person, taking on the forces that genocide whites. I don’t just stick to ‘the movement’ that doesn’t really exist.

  6. Harley

    No one could ever call me a white supremacist, Maureen, and that is the rap that has sunk us and the one Rob recanted fairly pathetically in his final and ultimate coming out.

    If anyone thinks the recalibration Rob did in this chapter helped white people, that’s sad. He just appeared shifty by claiming to ‘seek allies’ among hispanics, blacks, etc. That’s not something he’s ever done on his blog or in his activism.

    But ban me all you want. It’s bizarre to be around people who delude themselves that there’s a ‘movement’ in race realism, or in White Nationalism, or in the internet alone.

    White Liberation is the only consensus-builder. It’s the aspect the jews fear and there’s plenty of evidence for this. The racial supremacists just make money for the Diversity Cult.

    1. Wally

      The term “white supremacist” is a not a term that European caucasians used to describe themselves. That’s a term that the enemies of European peoples use to denigrate European caucasian people. You saying you are not a “white supremacist” is strange.

  7. Tina

    Back to your subject, Maureen: we need a white homeland, and we will probably have to FIGHT for it with arms as WhiteMightIsRight is saying.

    Maureen, are you able to move out of that SoCal hell hole? I just left for better, whiter surroundings two months ago.

    We need strong, white communities, we need your valuable help out here and in various other places.


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