BAD ASS Baby boomers stand STRONG in Murrieta.  I’m tired of WNs falling for the divide and conquer tactic of turning us against our elders.  You may be a smart racist but have you ever stood in front of a bus to keep illegals out of your town?  Me neither.  Lets give credit where credit is due.  These folks are pretty impressive. Also, I did a live audio interview with two women who helped make history in Murietta and one of them said that one of the reasons they did so well in Murietta is that the local cops did not want to stand against their own townspeople.  This is GREAT!

You guys ought to get out to some of this stuff.  It’s fun and enlightening. Remember your hat and sunglasses so you don’t lose your job.


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  1. vikingbitch

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    Not all Boomers are bad. My parents are boomers, but were and still are somewhat blind to the antics of the MultiCult. My dad still defends Israel and The Jews and still thinks that if one just works hard enough in Amurkistan, he or she will make it. Yeah right.

    I had a conversation with a Boomertard a few weeks back. This Working White Guy came out and stated that many people in his age group were ‘asleep at the wheel’ while our country was clandestinely being invaded by The Muds. Hey, at least this guy admitted being asleep.
    Many Boomers believed and still believe the mantra “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” I know my parents buy that tripe; however, many do realize that is not the case and more will awaken as their savings, 401 ks, and other investments are seized by the Criminal IRS under such ruses as auditing and “underpaying” – according to the MultiCult, if you are White and not begging for food while living in a cardboard box, you are privileged.
    As an Xer, I felt the sting of the MultiCult’s wrath because I was just entering the Global Economy in the early 90s when it began to pick up steam. I have remained at entry to mid level with never a hope in hell of making it up the ladder. Do I blame myself? Hell no! I worked, paid my way through school, but my ass is white not brown so I am screwed in the J USA. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will have to go stealth. I will fight for my kids. I have no other choice because no other options are available.
    Sorry, but many Boomers DID HAVE A CHOICE, but they chose money, sex, and creature comforts over securing a White Homeland.
    We Angry Xers and Millenials in the WN camp are just working with what we have got, so cut US a break please.


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