My Friend Is In Danger

I’m not trying to scare anyone but I have decided it is time to post some important information that I have been sitting on for almost a year.  Sorry if there are grammar mistakes.  I have been super busy lately but this is something I needed to do today.  I’m a little nervous about posting this because it kind of puts me on the hot seat a little bit, perhaps even bringing enemy intrusion into MY life.  Still, life is for living and to keep quiet about White genocide and all the evil crap that goes with it would be a spiritual death to me.  It would be wrong.

Anyone who has been a White Nationalist or even a dissident (Oathkeepers etc.) for any amount of time knows that our enemies play for keeps and they aren’t restricted by silly things like constitutions or bills of rights.  Might Makes Right and the White genociders have a lot of power now and can do a lot of what they want.  In fact they’ve been forcing their genocidal policies on us at the end of a gun for quite some time. (See The Integration of Central High School for just one example from 60 years ago)

I have never believed the Jewstream media account of the death of J.T. Ready nor the accounts of the deaths of many other White Patriots who recently died mysteriously or in what appeared to be shameful ways, such as suicide or their child shooting them dead.  WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE OUR ENEMIES’ PROPAGANDA?  We have all also have seen the “softer” forms of muzzling Pro-White people such as “outing them” as “evil White Supremacists” at their job so they cannot keep their job or framing them so they end up in prison.

So when a fellow White Activist tells me he might be in trouble I take him seriously even though some of you will think I’m a raving lunatic for posting this.  It needs to be posted and if I’m wrong about this, I will apologize.

So here goes:

About a year ago, a blog writer who I respected (although I didn’t agree with him on everything) contacted me after taking down his blog.  I didn’t know him before the blog but I know people who know him.  He has been in the movement for a long time and was openly active many years ago.  He is google-able.  I looked him up to make sure he’s legit.  I also questioned one of the guys who knows him, asking about his character.  Our common acquaintance assured me that the person I am trying to help is top-notch, honest-almost to a fault and doesn’t use drugs or even alcohol.  I’m not going to reveal his name at this time to protect him and the people he cares about but I hope you will store this information in the back of your mind so if he DOES disappear…as he is afraid he might, you will remember this post and help me to spread the word.  Here is his story below, mostly unedited from an email he sent me a couple of days ago.  I have known about this for almost a year and he checks in with me a couple of times a week.  If he stops checking in with me and can’t be reached, the plan is that I sound the alarm.  Also, when we spoke a few days ago, he told me that there was a G4S car near his house and I told him “quick take a photo of it” and he did and texted it to me within a few moments (He probably should have been taking photos all along-ah…hindsight!).  I will include the photo too.  Thanks for reading.  I’m going to try to enable comments but I seem to be having trouble with that function so I apologize in advance if you can’t comment.  Oh and PLEASE do not try to guess who this is in the comments as you may create more problems for him.  Thank you.

> >I was writing a wordpress blog called with a
> >couple of other guys under. The pen name of baaltanit.  We blogged for a
> >couple of years until someone whom i believe to be a federal agent (an
> >ex-con who may have cut a deal) who ran a fake patriot blog began to issue
> >threats of violence against me from his site.  I have been active in the
> >racial movement for many years and did not think twice about death
> >threats.  However, this seemed different.  He was using his real name and
> I
> >do believe that it is illegal to suggest violence and mayhem.  For him to
> >be so open, I figured that he was working for the govt. , I
> took
> >down the blog, hoping that if it was the blog the govt didn’t like that
> >perhaps scrapping the project might allow me to bow out of politics and
> >better appreciate my time with my loved ones and not risk life changing
> >harrassment at the hands of one of the many alphabet agencies that we all
> >know have been spying on, harrassing, and in fact killing our people and
> >other Americans and others around the world.
> >
> >The person’s site seemed dedicated to attacking the Sipsey Street
> >Irregulars in particular, as well as individual patriots who had expressed
> >sympathy for the racial movement.  This gentleman was publishing these
> >people’s personal info, their internet porn history and other stuff that
> >seemed like a govt operation.  The average guy wouldn’t easily have such
> >access or desire to do such things.  I immediately recognized it as a
> >cointel pro or patcon operation.
> >
> >Anyway, it’s been just under a year since I stopped my blog and it has
> been
> >interesting to say the least.  About a week after I stopped the blog a lot
> >of strange people began sitting outside of my house in their cars.  This
> is
> >a quiet neighborhood.  This kind of thing wasn’t happening before.  Then
> >the police pulled their car into my neighbor’s driveway facing my front
> >door.  The two cops were standing behind their open car doors.  I did not
> >return home that evening.  A few days later, walking home from the store
> >two cop cars sped up as if to get past me and went to my house.  I turned
> >and spent the night elsewhere.  As soon as I turned away from my home,
> they
> >drove off.
> >
> >My cell phone calls became extremely staticky.  When I complained that I
> >couldn’t hear over the static, it turned down as if on a dial.
> >
> >I had a youtube account which was not racial.  It was dedicated to
> Sumerian
> >mythology noone knew about it.  It was only linked by the fact that I had
> >used the same email account to set up the account as I had on the blog.
> >Someone subscribed to it, who was using the three percenter logo, which
> was
> >the logo used by the guy who had threatened me from his website.
> >
> >So these people could have only known that the site was linked to me if
> >they had access to my email account.  Theywere also subscrjbed to a wide
> >variety of people whom I had mentioned in my blog as well as others.  When
> >I clicked on video of a young man to whome he had subscribed, the young
> man
> >was complaining that the FBI had paid a visit to his parents.
> >
> >A few days later, the spy changed his youtube logo to a photo of Bashir Al
> >Assad.  This was during the lead up to the attacks on Syria.  So I deleted
> >my Sumerian page because I didn’t want these assholes trying to link me
> >with their war enemy.
> >
> >Helicopters have been flying low, very low, over my home at night.  My
> yard
> >is surrounded by a black tarp, which someone tore from the outside of the
> >fence.  People began feeding my dogs from without the fence on a daily
> >basis.
> >
> >Today a G4S car was parked in the spot where many of the idlers have been
> >parking.  G4S is a private security firm known for their work with the FBI
> >and CIA.  Once again, this is a quiet residential street.  We simply do
> not
> >have things like this in our neighborhood.
> >
> >I wrote many misanthropic things on our site, questioning the idea that
> >human life had innate value and expressing a philosophical appreciat i on
> >for violence.  Nations are founded no other way.  However, I made
> >especially sure to never call for violent acts, for obvious legal reasons
> >and also because I would never ask someone else to do what I will not do
> >myself.  However, political views were just a hit generator for our blog.
> >Our main focus was group study of biology.  It was an online study group
> >for racists.
> >
> >I even refused to link to others who were calling for violence.
> >
> >So, a year on, and they clearly are not going to leave me be.  So, I may
> as
> >well tell my story in case something happens to me.
> >
> >This situation caused me to do some research and I found out abojt a new
> >law called SISPA which was specifically targeted at racial and patriot
> >bloggers who they compare to terrorists.  Given the lawlessness with which
> >they have treated middle easterners under the guise of fighting terrorism,
> >it was disconcerting to see that they might be treating racists and
> >patriots in like fashion.
> >
> >For now, I wish to remain anonymous ,

but in case I am treated like the leaders I have mentioned or
> >like the middle eastern victims of this lawless regime, friends will make
> >my identity known.
> >
> >If I thought it was mere snooping, I wouldn’t be so concerned, but there
> >have been many cointel pro and patcon murders.
> >
> >Recently many up and coming racial leaders have died under suspicious
> >circumstances.  Danny Houfek, David Lynch, JT Ready and another up and
> >coming NSM member just to name recent ones.  Given the documented history
> >of cointel pro and patcon ops such as the one perpetrated on the Weaver
> >family, I think that there is adequate cause for concern.




11 thoughts on “My Friend Is In Danger

  1. NotBuyingIt

    A quick search turned up a version of this on Stormfront, too, posted on July 14, 2014.

    Also, a quick search turned up an assessment of wnthinktank blog by a guy who generally knows his stuff beyond the level of most others. See item 55.

    So, I’m not buying it. I think this is a hoax by your “friend” (who I’ll bet you have never met in person). I’m not saying that you, AryanStreet person, are a hoaxer. I’m saying I think you fell for a hoax. It’s meant to scare the wimps among us (and there are a lot of them) off the Internet and retreat to tv, beer, and porn.

    For the rest of us, it tells us that we must step up our action against the enemy race.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Hi-I appreciate your input and I’m glad another friend put the story on SF.

      As far as the assessment from the other website goes, I disagree with the assessment that was made. I have been speaking with this man for a year and sometimes at great length.
      A difference of opinion doesn’t mean a guy is a hoaxer.

      I DO hope that people will stay motivated. Anyone who has been around a while knows the potential dangers even when they keep everything above board. I can’t see where this new situation would push anyone away, after all, I’m still here.

      1. Harley

        Curious what Denise means. Are you thinking that it is a hoax designed to scare us? It is scary… Or are you, Denise, just pointing out how much danger there can be when the government decides to take note of a pro-white advocate?

        I have to say that I’ve known pro-whites who have been watched by the FBI (one for two weeks) and that it was not nearly this dramatic, but he was not a main guy either, in a way.

        I would think that in this day and age the more likely scenario would be for the state to simply find a way to stop this person, detain him, and then commit and force drug him. That’s where TPTB are angling with the laws like Murphy’s in Congress right now.

        It’s also a reason I counsel Maureen to be careful about characterizing the homeless in Tent City as ‘mentally ill.’ Most homeless are not by far, yet NY and NJ are pushing very very hard to be able to warehouse the masses of white homeless (Section 8 is taken up in many to most states by hispanics and blacks) so that they cannot foment insurrection, political unrest, etc.

    1. Harley

      How exactly do you detect this, Michael? I assume we are all sort of potentially spied on in the sense that our emails and phone calls are accessible to TPTB.

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  3. Demi Michael

    “People began feeding my dogs from without the fence on a daily”

    They do this in order to become familiar with the dog and earn it’s trust, so that way they can gain entrance into his home while the he’s gone to avoid getting bit or making a bunch of noise, so that way they can install transducent speakers and surveillance, among other things into the house as well as move things around to make him question his sanity. It’s called ghosting. The helicopter aspect is called air stalking. The police may or may not be involved. What happens is people will call the police and make phony reports to draw attention to the victim and make it appear as if they (“they” as in the police) are in on the harassment. Peace and good luck.


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