Pinche Güera Part 2-COMMENTS WELCOME

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No, I don’t follow sports but if sports have to exist, I am hoping this very White team wins the World Cup so that the supremacy of the Germans can be on display.  Ha!  “The Netherlands” may also be in the running but there is nothing Netherlandish about most of the players on THAT team. 


Y’all may remember how, in my hometown a few months ago, a Meztizo male riding a bike called me a Pinche Guera for no reason other than my coloring

Unfortunately, I still work in that area a few days a week.  Today I was outside walking, minding my business when two cars pulled up next to and ahead of me.  The one in the rear that I could see clearly had a number of Brown males in it.  That’s always a red flag for me so I crossed to the other side of the street.  I hear them saying something like, “there she is” and suddenly ANOTHER car came from the other direction from a side street and it too was full of young browns, a couple of whom were female.  I’m pretty sure they were Meztizos but I can’t say with any certainty because there are LOTS of different kinds of people in Southern California now. 

The young people were pointing and pretending shooting fake guns at me!  Then they laughed.  Yup, it could be a prank but being racially aware and from my last experience in that neighborhood, I’m inclined to think there’s more to it.  Methinks they don’t like Güeras (Blond complected)  people in “their territory”.  This time I called the cops.  I don’t expect much good to come of it but I’m not going to keep quiet about it either.  Let them worry about cops in their neighborhood.  I also have some other (legal) plans to, at the very least make their neighborhood takeover a little more difficult. 

Is it time to start reporting these sorts of things about Mexicans online like we do black crime?  Mexicans have this reputation (with the dumb-dumbs) as religious family people who are just trying to make a better life for themselves.  That may be true but do these dumb-dumbs know that they also can be VERY vicious while carving out territory for themselves?  Ask the Blacks of California who have scattered far and wide to get away from Mexican gangs. 

I am interested in hearing from anyone who has experiences to share. 

Thanks for reading!!!

Wanna smile?  Read about how Germany SMASHED Brazil and how upset the Brazilians were.  Ha!