Jews Drive Homeless Out of Tent City

starMassive third world immigration in White Countries and ONLY White countries.  YOU and your children White man, are slated for poverty, homelessness and extinction.  All of this pain is brought to you courtesy of the poor widdle persecuted JEWS. 

Jewish media moguls, Jewish educators and every Jew in between, promote racial equality while in real life they set themselves up as effendi (a Turkish word for Lord or master-Turkish because most so-called Jews come from the geographical area now known as Turkey)

Lakewood Township, New Jersey gives us some insight into what unchecked Jewish power comes to.  Over half of the population of Lakewood Township is Orthodox Jewish.  The township is also home to one of the largest yeshivas (Talmud Universities) in the world called Beth Medrash Govoha.  A study of the university would be instructive for White activists interested in how Jews come into power and how they think.  In 2012, in a country that suposedly separates Church and State, the New Jersey Legistlature awarded $10.6 million to the Beth Medrash Govoha.   BUT there’s NO money to help White homeless people. 

Case in point:  The Lakewood Township Vaad (A Vaad used to be a council of Rabbis but in Lakewood, Township it consists of leaders and businessmen.)  The Vaad has just won a long court battle allowing them to bulldoze a tent city.  This tent city housed mostly White people.  Mentally ill people and people who can’t get jobs.  They were harrassed by police.  It was a pretty miserable existence sleeping out there with no heat but at least the campers had a roof over thier heads.  No more though.  Apparently they have been offered a year of free housing but once that’s over, that’s it.  Time to hit the streets.   

The question is, what did the Vaad need the land for?  Was it truly designated as wetland or are there other plans for it?

And considering that the Allies got these folks freed from work camps in WW2, why is it they can’t return the favor and help OUR sick and poor people, now that they are rich and powerful.  WE WILL NEVER FORGET THIS.

Incidently, back in 2006 this guy infiltrated the Orthodox Jew Community. 

More items of interest: 

In 2010 someone in Lakewood Township “played a prank” threatening to shoot up a Jew school, police investigated the wrong guy and the guys sued for $50k. 

AND Just last month in nearby Ocean Township four teens burglarized and vandalized Deal Yeshiva School.   The news story says they “pooped on desks”!  Another interesting prank!


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