They Don’t Eat Their Babies

While White Nationalists REVEL in Black on White crime because suddenly “worse is better” (The argument goes that the more bad things happen, the more Whites will wake up, or something…a cop out if I’ve ever heard one) Jews around the world pray and rally for 3 missing Jew children.  

Currently Jews and Muzzies are kicking our collective asses because, although they have skirmishes among themselves, they know who their common enemies (or competitors for resources) are and a great number of them expend their energies on fighting White Europeans worldwide rather than each other.  I’ve put a complex topic into simple terms but the outcome of Jew and Muzzie racial/religious consciousness and efforts, is that WE are dwindling in numbers and power while THEY are growing.

Let’s stop throwing each other under the bus.  While I admit that we have issues that need to be dealt with, we mustn’t lose our loving concern for our Kindred.

No Country For White Children – Hat Tip Mindweapons in Ragnarok.