It’s great that the Wall Street Journal has allowed this piece by Nicolas Wade to be published.  You may remember Nicolas Wade is the author of the controversial book, “A Troublesome Inheritance”. 

The mantra for so many years has been that race is just a skin color or more erroneously, a social construct.  DNA science has revealed that the genes of groups of people from the same area are very similar.  Because of this new evidence, many skeptics have been forced to admit that some races are more highly evolved than others.  

It is torture to force White people to live among less evolved people and pretend it isn’t so.  What’s even worse is to favor the less evolved ones at the expense of the more evolved.  It’s genocide.

And in a world of folks who call themselves “progressives” what progress is there in bringing about conditions calculated to bring about the destruction of the most evolved people?  It’s sheer madness…but it won’t be long before the genociders will be doing what we are now.  HIDING.  

Here’s the article.

PS.  Please be smart and don’t focus on the negative “racism does not” have a biological basis.   We know it does but I’m sure in a few years the scientists (real ones) will figure it out too.  Oh wait, researcher Birgitte Vittrup discovered that when left to their own devises, most children prefer their own kind.  It’s only natural.  This will become more and more plain to our people as time goes on.