There is a certain type of propaganda that the White Nationalist crowd puts out that is very useful.  Keep in mind, by propaganda I mean the dissemination of information with the purpose of teaching and pursuading to our position, a Pro-White position. 

Once you have learned enough to see the big picture, it is time to leave the propaganzing to the experts and take action on what you have learned.  Too many of us (I have been guilty of this too) have spent too long on the basics. Constant reading and/or commenting on crime stats, the Jewish problem and all the other facets of anti-Whitism not only is ineffective as far as working toward White Preservation but you may also find yourself feeling depressed and hopeless.

There’s no point in knowing the truth if all it does is kick your arse some more.  Haven’t we been kicked around enough?  Take what you’ve learned and do something with it.

You can QUIETLY start a White community.  You might not need to move.  You don’t even have to preach at people.  There are lots of people who live White.  Work with who you find.  Help people get survival items together in case of emergency.  Form a neighborhood watch.  Have a Volksmarch.  Sing European or Appalchian folk songs together.  Practice target shooting with various weapons. (Firearms, bows and arrows, slingshots, paintball, knives, you get the picture).   

You can volunteer with a political party, either infiltrating a mainstream party or less well known party or helping the American Freedom Party.   

I know, I know.  These are not perfect ideas.  Please don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.  We are seeking progress not perfection right? 

Don’t try to do too much.  Just pick one thing and try it.  There are no mistakes here.  If you get too much negative feedback from something you try, that’s just a signal to try something different or to try the same thing using different methods. 

Finally, be sure to look at the people you are getting to know in the eye and show them you genuinly care for them.  Everyone wants to feel important and everyone IS important.  Many White people are feeling pretty worn out these days and a lot of them don’t even know why.  As early adapters and even leaders in White Nationalism, let’s lead by word and example with wisdom and savvy.  It’s not too late to make a difference. 

PS.  A friend sent this to me yesterday.  It is from Laibach of Slovenia which is thought to be a Nationalist music group.  Enjoy!