Make Your Life Count

Listen to the brilliance that is Franz Schubert.

Franz Schubert lived to be only 31 years of age but his work still lives on today.

He came from a working class family. He was one of 14 children although only 5 of the children made it to adulthood. He was poor. A lifelong friend who was well off provided Schubert with paper so he could write down his compositions. He was also short. His friends called him Schwämmerl which means either mushroom or little tubby.

He must have been well thought of though. Some other friends provided places for Franz to live and they collected and admired his work even though he was slow to receive public approval. Like most of us, Franz had to make a living but it didn’t stop him from pursuing what he was excellent at: composing timeless music.

He wrote whenever he could, whenever his genius struck him. “Hark! Hark! the Lark” was written at a Tavern and “An Sylvia” was written the same day when he got home.

I’m not sure what he died from. He had flu-like symptoms. He was buried next to Beethoven. Later his remains and that of Beethoven were buried next to those of Strauss and Brahms.

Uncle Franz did not let his physical or financial limitations keep him from his genius. Neither should you.


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