I’ve Turned Off The Comment Option for this blog


Because reading and commenting on blogs takes time away from real-life activity. So, I will post only when I have something I think is important to say and hope that my readership, however small, will be encouraged and/or prompted to action by it.

I didn’t start this blog to make money or have big readership(although, it’s likely that a larger readership gives you more opportunity to influence people). I started it to encourage activists and prompt action.

I lament all the time I’ve spent commenting on blogs and reading comments and DEBATING on them . It’s time to live real life. A screen is a screen and it does me no good to eschew tv if I’m constantly on the internet getting depressed about what’s going on in the world.

We need MONEY and/or food so we all need to endeavor to be personally successful gaining these things.

I’m ranting a little but when I think about what I’ve accomplished since I became aware of White Genocide, it’s much less than I wish. And that’s gotta change. While I’m involved in petty debates, White girls and boys, ,men and women are getting picked off by our evolutionary competitors and we are DYING.

If you agree, don’t try to comment, just think about changing your life. Set concrete goals and work toward them. Reading a blog or two won’t kill ya, just set a limit.

Sorry if I seem a little bossy but perhaps this needed to be talked about.