Pro-White European Parties are winning in the polls!

While my esteemed fellow blogger MW (and I DO esteem him highly) is wringing his hands over that Asia kid killing a bunch of people, Pro-White political parties in Europe are kicking ass.

I’m just going to provide a couple of  links as the numbers speak for themselves.  Don’t be afraid of der Sturm!  

Don’t whine about them calling the nationalists-outsiders etc.  The “establishment” is shaken to its core by these developments.  Haha…they are even calling the nationalists insurgents!  This is good.  They SHOULD be afraid.  


5 thoughts on “Pro-White European Parties are winning in the polls!

  1. Denise

    Reblogged this on The White Tea Room and commented:
    Preach Sister PREACH! Amen Hal-lay-LOOOO – YAH!!!! The detritus, like that mongel mongrel in Californicate doesn’t matter, and will burn away in the fires of Aryan rebirth! I have seen the glory, and the power! We SHALL overcome!

  2. Tina

    There is hope. At least they are fighting. I couldn’t accept what was happening over there, our birthplace. I didn’t pay too close attention, because it was so heartbreaking. But if Europeans have an ounce of self-respect, fight they will.

  3. tsnamm

    The real question is; do WE have an ounce of self respect? Because if we did this abortion of an “immigration reform” bill wouldn’t see the light of day. If it passes and 10+ miilion Latinos become citizens, the possibility of any political solution for the vestiges of European America will be dead and gone…as it currently stands with most white Americans sound asleep, and the political and media elites from both sides fully on board, it doesn’t seem like anyone will get it until the games over. At least Europe is trying to/is waking up…what are we doing?


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