Aryan Man of the Week!

ImageWilliam Baer.  I don’t know what his racial views are but one thing I know is William Baer is a high investment parent.  He is willing to be arrested to express his outrage at indecent reading being assigned to his daughter’s class.

Now Mr. Baer, you should take your precious Aryan daughter out of the public school system before it’s too late.  You cannot change it on your own.

Read more about Mr. Baer’s bravery here


6 thoughts on “Aryan Man of the Week!

  1. Ryu

    Brave. But foolish.

    It didn’t work. Whites aren’t like that anymore. Of course the pig would arrest him, fine him, then the money is used to fund his enemies.

    This is a police state. Speaking out is no more effective than being anticommunist in China.

      1. Ryu

        Bravery is a part of it. We’d like our men to be brave and smart. The quality is wasted otherwise. You’ve seen smart and not brave for many years; all that beautiful wn writing online.

        He was brave but his actions did not produce the desired effect. He thought other parents would revolt. It wasn’t at that point.

        There’s alot of illusion to overcome. That cop HAD to arrest him in front of all those people. He’d have appeared weak otherwise. You can’t challenge power in front of a crowd unless you’re sure of the crowd.

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