Racist Dog, Crying Negro

Money quote (Oh dear God):

My worst experience was when, as a dog walker, I went to meet a new “client.” All I’d heard was how friendly this Labrador was; everybody loved him, just the happiest-go-lucky dog you’ve ever seen. Next thing you know, the Lab is growling at me like: Oh, hell no. We upper crust, son. Ain’t no black dude walking me. You gonna have to walk your ass up out of here by your lonesome. Long-story-that-spans-the-history-of-America-into-one-paragraph short: They had to replace me with a white dog walker. I would see the new guy at the dog park and we’d make jokes about it.

Except I was the one who would also cry about it later. I cry about it now. Who knew such an obvious case of losing-your-job-’cause-you’re-black could still happen without anything being said or done? Heartbreaking. And it leaves me a little predisposed to wanting that Lab to experience a little rejection for no good reason except the color of his fur.

I almost thought this was satire but it’s very real. Methinks our Negro friend should take up a new profession!

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3 thoughts on “Racist Dog, Crying Negro

  1. Tina

    What a whiny black dog-walker. Cats are not racist- I hope he’s kidding. Blacks really ‘read’ things into events. Cats follow their own schedule, they could care less about everybody!


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