NO REGRETS! Aryan Woman of 2013!

ImageAnaheim, CA is a Mexican cesspool.  I’m sorry there are White people who can’t afford to get out of there.  Still, 72 year old Jan Cooper hasn’t lost her fighting spirit and was ready and willing to fire her gun on a Meztizo home invader.  In fact the jerk was begging for mercy.  She told the press she has no regrets.  Read more here if you like. 


3 thoughts on “NO REGRETS! Aryan Woman of 2013!

  1. Michael Weaver

    It’s past time for white people to fight back. Alas, we are being overrun by a tsunami of illegal aliens. Stockpile ammo, guns, food, and water.Let’s network with one another because our survival as a race depends on it.

  2. Tina

    Good for her. But I’m surprised the liberal police didn’t put her in jail. Oh well, score one.


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