I’m concerned about books.  Namely OUR books.  Books full of our discoveries and our ways of life.

Why am I worried?  In ancient times, when one nation took over another, there were book burnings, then people were told they couldn’t play their native musical instruments, wear their traditional clothing or speak their language. It’s the age-old way to make a people forget who they are and assimilate with their oppressors.  

I’m worried because there is a push to get every book in the world into a digital format.  No one seems very concerned about it but the way I see it, once every book is digitized, in theory, it will only take the push of a button to make scads of books disappear. 

Then, there are also places where people can sell all their old books online.  Places like Amazon and Ebay.  I can’t prove it but what’s to keep our enemies from buying up all the books they don’t like and destroying them? 

Not many people are talking about this but it doesn’t matter.  I did find this.

An e-book is not a physical book. That point might seem trite until you stop for a moment to think how much simpler it is, in a certain sense, to destroy electronic than physical traces. There’s no need of inciting mass cooperation in book-burning enterprises. No need for secret police or raids or extensive surveillance. The power to remove a book from a device, to remove all traces of it from retailers’ websites, to expunge it from a publisher’s online record: It would simplify the work of a would-be Soviet Union or Oceania multifold, would it not? It’s ugly. For all kinds of reasons.

Our people need to have our own (secret) libraries of our best books so they can never be made to disappear.


4 thoughts on “Books

    1. Tina

      I do too. I have all kinds of un-PC stuff in hard BOOK form. Not on the computer, PDF or whatever-the-hell. And it wil stay with me til I pass it on

  1. tom

    Your concern is an important one.

    Just as they destroyed our great library in Alexandria so many centuries ago, the jews and jew-Christianity then proceeded northward and destroyed most of our published accumulated knowledge up through Europe. Ironically, some Arab monks secretly maintained and copied some of our ancient valuable documents, and some of that knowledge came back around to us. And then, in North America, the jews have stolen thousands upon thousands of books and other documents from libraries across the country, including the Library Of Congress, and either destroyed those books or kept some in secret for their own benefit.

    Are the great books by Alfred Owen Crozier, Eustace Mullins, George Lincoln Rockwell, and many others, still in libraries where those authors and other Whites donated them for the benefit of all? In nearly every case, no. They have been stolen by the anti-Whites: the jews and the villainous dupes of the jews.

    There is only one way to stop this ongoing crime against our race along with all of the other horrendous crimes committed by the jews and their tools. Perhaps you don’t want me to state it here. So, in kindness, I will just refer readers to the sites of JB Campbell and James Laffrey (found by simple searches) for that final enlightenment.

    Tom, a fan of your site.


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