Clanning up! and Learning to Read Between the Lines of News Stories

Aryan Street is not the most popular blog around, to be sure. I’m only a passable author, I’m not consistent and I don’t promote myself enough.

BUT, what’s been interesting about blogging is the search through the jewstream media for a story. It is not in my nature to rework other WN blogger’s posts although I can’t say I’ve never done it. I’d rather come up with something original though. So at times, I scour yahoo etc. for the story within the story.

Here’s one: It’s called:
Ex-Cons Squatting in Soldier’s Home Defiantly Stay Put — But Their Tune Rapidly Changes After Outraged Bikers, Veterans Promise a Little Visit

But it just as easily could read:

Scumbag Mexicans Squatting in White Man’s Home Defiantly Stay Put — But Their Tune Rapidly Changes After Outraged Whites on Bikes Promise a Little Visit

I mean, it’s all in how you look at it right? True, if this guy wasn’t a veteran, he probably wouldn’t have gotten this much support from White Veteran Bikers (or at least if he had, it‘s not likely it would have been made public by a mainstream source). Still my title is no less true than the one composed by The Blaze.

Although most Veteran Bikers are not openly racial, and naturally the groups are forced to allow token non-Whites to join, I see their White outrage and threatened action as a step in the right direction. They clanned up and defended one of their own without provoking the anti-racist police. And the scumbag, ex-con squatter was duly frightened away, even leaving his dogs behind.

I expect to see more of this kind of thing. They can call it what they want. Veterans against drug pushers, Mothers Against Diaper Trash (Mexicans are infamous for throwing dirty diapers on the ground), Neighbors Against Noisy Neighbors, etc. Whatever makes a place hostile to non-Whites.

By the way, we see plenty of pushback against Jews too if we know what to look for. Occupy Wall Street was all about hatred of Jewish control and mismanagement. Most of the Occupiers just don’t know who the culprits are yet. Also, there are numerous activists organized against kosher animal slaughter for food and circumcision of male babies.

If you want to make your city less Jewish and/or less non-White, participate in these types of groups. You don’t have to try to convert anyone. Just do your part to help them be successful. Look what the Danes have done!  Do you think the worst of the Jews will stay in a country that won’t let them have kosher food and circumcise their children? Do you think it won’t frighten off Jews when we criminalize their customs?

Clan up my Brothers and Sisters!

What kind of group could be put together to deal with this sort of thing?


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