Herding Cats and The LGBT Community

The LGBT community is well-funded but is it organized?

After years of being told that we are horrible bigots if we think homos are also often pedos we keep finding those silly little fagots with their hands in youthful cookie jars. 

Chris Wilson was an openly gay Phoenix cop and a high profile activist within the LGBT (Lesbo,Gay, Bi-sexual, Tranny and other perverts) community.  Wilson helped provide security for the Equality Walk.  When his fellow activists heard the news of his arrest for molesting teenage boys, theyI felt a deep sense of “betrayal, shock and sadness”.

But why would they?  They have thrown all the rules out the window.  Anything goes!  Who are you LBGters to judge a man who was having consentual sex with two children (aged 14 and 17)?  Judge not, lest ye be judged.

He’s alllllll yours.  You can’t disclaim him now.  You all want freedom to pursue your tingles and this is what comes of it.  It’s too late to disassociate yourself from it now. 

You are wrecking our society and you aught to be ashamed of yourselves.

It must suck trying to control public relations with a bunch of perverts and other assorted nuts on your side.

We normals are going to win the day. As my friends over at Mindweapons in Ragnarok say, just stay normal.


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