Retired White Workers in Europe Treated Like $hit!

Pensioners in the UK are going to be told their life expectancy by government workers so they don’t blow all their money too early.

THIS after inviting millions of non-Whites to come live in the UK, lowering wages and raising taxes for citizens there.

Ah but you see, old White people don’t give us vibrant enrichment like Asian child prostitution rings do.  And Hussein needs a house for his new wife so suck it White Man.



5 thoughts on “Retired White Workers in Europe Treated Like $hit!

  1. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Old Working Soon To Retire Whites are a thorn in ZOG’s side. I am surprised they are not offering incentives for Old Whites to off themselves.

    One way for Great Whites to live longer is to completely separate from Die Versity. SBPDL and other blogs show that close proximity to Muds is bad for White Wellbeing

  2. mindweapon

    Reblogged this on Mindweapons in Ragnarok and commented:
    Ah, I’ve seen the betrayal of the elderly before — Russia in the 1990’s? What did the elderly do? A lot of them sold nationalist and even Nazi newspapers, books and music. Yes, the nice old babushka on Red Square has cassettes of SS marches for you, 5 flavors of contemporary Russian nationalism/fascism. Even the Communists over there are nationalists and fascists! Gennady Zyuganov kept the flame of the Communist Party alive, but he’s a hard core Russian nationalist and fascist.
    The elderly also do a lot of vegetable gardening and canning/processing. Old White people in the street are an instant nationalist party. The government knows that better than we do. All it takes is helping them. They will sell newspapers and make speeches; what’s the $PLC going to do? Take away the pension they already don’t have? If the elderly are betrayed, they will have absolutely nothing to lose and every reason to fight.


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