I CANNOT find the photo again (perhaps it has been removed) but this hairy beast of a female posted a photo of herself on instagram for all the world to see.  It was her Brown self, breastfeeding her two children and her big brown stomach with hair all over it is prominent as are her veiny breasts with kids latched on.

And she’s upset because after posting this for all the world to see, everyone doesn’t think she is beautiful.  She says that those of use who were disgusted to see her hairy belly (shave that thing!) and so on have something wrong with us because we like things to be PERFECT,  She goes on to tell how HER BODY is the one that makes stinky, sweating sex with her husband as if that makes everything ok.  She’s REAL, she says.  Ugly is the new REAL and he rest of us are FAKE I guess.  Lol.

Well I’ve got news for you Brownie.  You can’t MAKE people like your body type.  Whites in particular are going to find your browness and your hairiness unattractive.  And knowing that you have smelly sex with your husband only makes it worse.

We are in an upside-down world where these monsters hate us for loving beauty.  Perhaps our definition of beauty is different from their definition but it’s ours and we are born with it and this coupled with our desire for order has helped create the beautiful civilizations we (and the brown races) enjoy today. 

And of course, us White women might get a bit unattractive during pregnancy (and illness and old age) but we do our best to mitigate it, to stay as pretty as we can.  We shave, pluck, wax or electronically remove unwanted hair.  We try to lose excess weight.  Whatever we can’t fix we COVER UP.  The best of us do anyway.  It’s the right thing to do for ourselves, our men and our society. 

I LIKE living in a beautiful world.  It’s why I live near the beach.  It’s why people go to fancy hotels and resorts and visit the mountains.  It’s beauty we crave.  If you went to a hotel and it was dirty and stinky and falling apart, would you sigh with relief and say, this is so great!  It’s so REAL!  Or would you get the hell out of there? 

So if you insist on putting your ugly brown body on display for the world, don’t be surprised if you get some negative feedback.  We really just don’t like ugly.  And you can’t make us!



10 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. jodafo

    Brown people are unusually hairy. Half the women have five o’clock shadows, the guys have real hairy feet and sometimes backs. I was stopped at a red light in Dallas one day a few years ago when this mexican dude happened to cross the street. This dude looked like he stole some carpet and had it underneath his shirt. Appeared as though the corner was sticking out the top, on the back of his neck because there was a thick puffy patch of hair. I’m a guy and I gagged a little.

  2. Ryu

    Welcome back! Strangely, I’ve heard a few women express admiration for Michelle Obummer. Like they envy her or something. That’s a totally manufactured feeling.


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