Self Hating Anti-Whites Harass White Activist At Her Job!

In January of this year The Rose City Antifa, a hateful and dangerous group of anti-Whites, hatched their plan to harass and intimidate Pro-White activists in Oregon. 

The people they have targeted were not violent in anyway.  They were simply sign-holders, bravely protesting the ongoing genocide of our people. 

Interestingly their first victim of this particular cowardly campaign is a pregnant woman.  She is already the mother of a beautiful 5 year old boy and a member of The American Freedom Party.  She was helping support her family by working as a licensed therapist at a facility for families in need of mental health, addiction and developmental disabilities services.  She was well liked at her job and her patients trusted her and were helped by her.  BUT, the Rose City Antifa couldn’t STAND that this gorgeous, free-thinking mother actually had a job so they obsessively called her workplace (her boss and co-workers), every TWO minutes in order to make her life miserable.  They also threatened to organize a physical protest of her employment there outside of the HOMES of folks suffering from mental illess that live there!  I cannot imagine how stressful it would be for the mentally ill residents of this residence to have to deal with hundreds of angry misfits protesting outside of their homes! 


The also published her and her families home address so that any violent, nutjob anti-White could know where they lived! 

Just as conservative White people are blamed any time some fringe “right wing nutjob” behaves violently, if anything happens to these activists (including the possible loss of their unborn child), YOU, Rose City Antifa will be answerable for it. 

What kind of freedom hating filth would attempt to create a hostile work environment and frighten a pregnant woman who only wants to support her husband and do what she feels is right?  She was simply practicing her First Amendment Rights which obviously she doesn’t have if this sort of thing is allowed in this country.  Where are the big shot Tea Partiers and Constitutional Rights people when these sorts of things happen?  Are those tough talkers going to let these communist groups just get stronger and stronger?  Do they think these commies are going to stop at harassing pregnant Pro-White women? 

What kind of totalitarian freaks (that are supposed to care about under-privileged people) would even consider disturbing the actual RESIDENCES of people trying to recover and survive  mental illness and other disabilities?

Degenerates, that’s what.  Rethink your life!


13 thoughts on “Self Hating Anti-Whites Harass White Activist At Her Job!

  1. mindweapon

    Reblogged this on Mindweapons in Ragnarok and commented:
    Nice middle class lady gets harassed at job by “antifa,” fired. A victim of gangstalking, gets re-victimized. She needs to lawyer up and get litigating.
    This is why we need to be a Market Dominant Minority.

  2. Tina

    This is what happened to April G. in Montana’s PLE. She and her husband were fired from their jobs, I think the Montana Human Rights group had something to do with it (sponsored by George Soros?). April & husband hadn’t even said anything about their off-work activities, but the MHR told their employers. They have jobs out side of the state now.

    How do we get the two of them together to talk?

    1. Tina

      Sorry make that: Montana Pioneer Little Europe blog. She still blogs on it. The woman in Oregon could contact her there.

      And if anyone knows the name of that Oregon employer, PLEASE TELL ME, as I will call them and give them a piece of my mind.

  3. thrasymachus33308

    We need to support each other economically so this can’t happen. But until then, and even then, public protest is not the way. Public protest only accomplishes what the elite has previously decided it will accomplish.

    1. Rita rabbit

      I dont see these activies as an appeal to the goobermint but rather just one small way to get our information out to our people. When the Jewstream media picks up the stories, even when it puts a nagative spin on them, it gets our message out to an even wider audience.
      We may not always be able to use the internet so I think we should continue to use this method and continue to improve upon it.

      1. thrasymachus33308

        I don’t know yet. We need to form something like lodges, roughly, and work together in all kinds of ways. If we can meet face to face, we can organize to help each other.

  4. Ryu


    This is not a free country. Why on Earth is she showing her face on video? No real names, no banners or pamphlets. Sign holding won’t work, we are past that, we were past that in 1975.

    She thought the enemy would play fair? He’ll be nice? She’s obviously a good person – which is why she lost. WNs today are too nice. They don’t have the juice to win. You have to be ruthless.

    Watch Golden Dawn in Greece. They’ll win the election, but they won’t get power. Then we’ll see if they’ve got what it takes.

    In this world, you do what it takes to get what you want, or you don’t get it. Power is my religion. I’ll take my heaven here, today, not in the afterlife.

  5. Michael Weaver

    Perhaps we should start publishing the names and addresses of our adversaries. What is good for the goose is good for the gander…

    Also, we need to send our sons and daughters to law school.Alas, most of our upcoming battles will take place in the courtroom. The left-wing is well entrenched in our ‘Jewdicial system.’ They have the ACLU and many other legal organizations that support their activists.

    We have Kyle Bristow, Jason Robb, and a few other pro-white attornies. However, we must become organized!

    1. Tina

      Totally agree on publishing their names. As for a lawyer, there is a group called F.I.R.E (, they defend individual liberties of students on college and high school campuses- they fight against the libtard commie bullshit, and are many times successful. They are on our side.

      They perhaps could branch out into other areas like this, if they haven’t already.

      Somebody give ’em a jingle.


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