How Can I Help My Brothers?

I have some male friends who are having trouble meeting nice women for dating/courtship/marriage/family formation.

Can any of you men (sorry ladies) who have been successful meeting nice women give me advice on how to help them or help them help themselves? 

I am familiar with pickup artistry.  Have any of you men turned been able to overcome shyness and other shortcomings and met//dated/married nice women using any of these methods? 

How many of you met women through family members or friends? 

Have you successfully met nice women at church/bars/coffee shops/clubs/political parties?

Ok…so please no posts about how nice women don’t exist in the U.S. etc.  I can read about that elsewhere.  I am trying to learn and help others learn what we can do to be successful. 

Let’s win! 


11 thoughts on “How Can I Help My Brothers?

  1. Michael Weaver

    Alas, I am single and I have a hard time courting women.I use to be more successful back when I worked out.Perhaps this gave me added confidence and this is why I was more successful with women.

    Alas, over the years I have lost my touch.But I wanted to offer my two cents for what it’s worth.

  2. Marc

    What worked for me:
    Old fashioned weightlifting with a bar — squats, presses, deadlifts. Make Starting Strength and Dinosaur Training your WL bibles. For muscle, yes, but much more importantly, for character building and the confidence that the weightlifting will bring.
    Irish bars on live music nights, and concerts where bluegrass, Americana, and country music are played. Think of the kind of women who go to those venues.
    Good luck!

  3. Thanatos

    Your dedication is touching. And practical. When whites find each other and unite in love,everyone wins.

    Unfortunately, there is not much you can personally do to help these men. If you could explain to them what women want it would be enormously helpful, but you can’t because it’s highly likely that you do not know yourself. Even if you could precisely explain it in terms that are intelligible to a woman,many of the terms you use mean different things to men.

    For example, “respect”. To a man, “respect” means an admiration for or proper estimation of someone’s abilities,talents, or actions. You cannot get respect simply for existing. You actually have to do something respectable in order to receive it. To a woman, respect means something entirely different. I’m not sure what, but it is a key component of what women call “love”.

    What women call “love” is actually more like what men call “respect”. This is evidenced by the fact that the majority of women believe it is possible to “fall out of love” with someone based on their performance and/or actions. To a man, withdrawing love (either romantic or familial) of someone based on their performance and/or actions is a reprehensible idea, deserving of reproach or sanction. This is because, to a man, love is actually a sacred thing which is eternal. That is why it’s hard to get men to commit,even without divorce rape. A man cannot “fall out of love” with his spouse, or stop loving his family members, overnight. This is basically a dereliction of duty, a fundamental and eternal betrayal of the person from whom the love is rescinded.

    Women treat the matter of “love” in a much more frivolous manner,as though it were no big deal,not a betrayal at all, and anyway HER feelings are more important than anyone else’s.

    These fundamental differences in perception of key points of the courtship process mean that women will probably never be able to articulate to men, in their own language, what makes women tick romantically.This is ok, because men have created a model of what makes women tick in our own language for ourselves.This is known as Game.

    The best thing you can do for these men is send them over to Roissy at Chateau Heartiste. I have had LOTS of female admirers in my life, due to a subconscious understanding of the principles which he articulates. I employed these principles as,essentially,a script which I developed via experimentation. Then I used the exact same script on every girl I wanted to have sex with. In 85-90% of cases I was successful,and by successful, I mean that I managed to convince them to ride my boner enthusiastically. Sometimes 2 or 3 taking turns.

    So I know first-hand that what he is advocating works. The only question is if these men are willing to put in all the work that it takes to be successful.

    I ultimately found that I was not willing to put in that constant effort. The quality of sex I received just was not worth it. Women as a rule don’t know how to fuck and just lay there with a scared look on their faces, which is probably why they are having trouble having orgasms. Thus, I put in as little effort as possible these days and just accept whatever falls into my lap that’s agreeable. However, were I to go about looking for a wife, I would probably go through all of Roissy’s writings to consciously re-familiarize myself with my subject which I had formerly mastered on a subconscious level and try to master it in this way again.

    Once you learn how to do it, it is remarkably simple to keep doing it. You can just say the same thing that worked on the last girl ad infinitum. It is when you stop or quit putting in the maximum effort that it becomes difficult to pull the same quality or quantity of women.

  4. Ryu

    I support your effort, Maureen. I do think you should spend some time on Return Of Kings and see what’s going on.

    Hipster Racist is the most attractive male wn there is. He speaks the truth and he knows things. Learn from him; he is the best bar none.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      I checked out Return of Kings and well, I’ve already read mens sites long enough to know the score. Male female relationships are in a sad state.

      I take comfort from all the beautiful White families I see on a daily basis.

  5. Patri Archie


    The large numbers of men who do find marriageable women are often part of a large ethnic or religious group who prioritize marriage. Like for example, Mormons. If the men you mention aren’t part of any group, then it will be more difficult. Here are some of my thoughts.

    1) A Man’s Looks Matter- Too many white men today don’t realize this fact. Young women are visual. Men may be more visual than women, but that doesn’t mean women aren’t visual. A man’s looks are the first thing a woman sees. A man’s looks is one of the first attraction triggers.
    a) Lift weights- A young man should put muscles on his body. He should have hardness on certain parts of his body. A muscular, fit male body is sexually attractive to a woman. Sexual attraction is an important part of what draws a woman to a man. If a man has a hard, muscular body, his jokes will be funnier and his stories more interesting to a woman. If a man has a hard, muscular body, he will increase his chances with women tremendously. Examples of muscular body types include mma fighters, rugby players(not the fat ones), or other sports stars with natural looking muscular bodies. Join a gym and/or maybe hire a personal trainer.
    b) Have naturally white, healthy teeth.- Have the teeth whitened if necessary.
    c) Dress well- Don’t dress like a slob. Make an effort to dress well. That doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. I’ve seen Black dress slacks at a second hand clothing store cost 2 dollars. Buy some nice dress shoes, at the second hand store if necessary.
    d) Get a haircut that looks flattering

    2) Being “nice”, by itself, is not an attraction trigger to women. Women like your “niceness” only AFTER they are attracted to you.
    3) Focus on improving the attraction triggers, which are your looks, confidence, charisma, conversational skills and body language.
    4) Don’t put women on a pedestal. If you do, they will be looking down on you and won’t respect you. Women aren’t morally superior to men. Women can have the same faults as men. Women can also have the same good qualities. And don’t be naïve about women in general, otherwise, you might just be used and dumped by a woman who sees you as a sucker. Respect yourself.

    If a man is shy or introverted, then focus first on the other qualities he can change. Like developing a muscular fit body. Having a muscular body, good healthy teeth, and dressing well will go a long way towards helping your success with women.

    Just my two cents.


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