He’s Baaaack!

This blog post is dedicated to JeanBean.

Soooo David Cole was a nice Jewish boy who became an infamous “holocaust” “denier”. 


He wasn’t a synagogue of satan jew so none of his friends cared.

Then his brothers at the ADL put a $25,000 bounty on his head for being a traitor to the jew race so he recanted.  He said, During my four years as a denier, I was wracked with self-hate and loathing,”  The hate I had for myself I took out on my people. “The Nazis intended to kill all the Jews of Europe, and the final death toll of this attempted genocide was six million,” Cole acknowledged. At the end of his “Statement,” Cole claimed that it was “made freely and under no duress, and is quite willingly, even happily, given to Mr. Irv Rubin of the Jewish Defense League.” (Source:  JDL Website)

Then in typical jew-chameleon style, he got involved with the Republican Party Animals who promised “scantily-clad women, drink, fun, loud music”.  A very serious group.  During his 15 years of being an Israel First Republic Party Animal, he went by the name David Stein. 




ALTHOUGH…. Scott Edwards, an Oregon-based businessman, said HE (Scott Edwards) founded Republican Party Animals in 2009 and that Cole, claiming to be a Hollywood bigshot, took over the website and was involved in organising just a few events. “He never ran the group. Things started happening behind the scenes so I kicked him out in February 2012.” Source

ALSO Eric Golub said, “Stein was kicked off the board of RPA over financial wrongdoing.”

So now that Dahveeeeed has been outed by an irate former girlfriend (wonder how he wronged her?), he is gracing “Holocaust Deniers” with his presence once again because, well….he’s written another book. 

I won’t be linking to it.  And if you have half a brain in your head and you are pro-White, you won’t be giving a dime to this opportunistic jew.




5 thoughts on “He’s Baaaack!

  1. Denise

    Could any-one be surprised by Cole’s lifelong behavior? Behavior and culture are expressions of genetic imperatives. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. A Jew is gonna Jew.

  2. laszlo

    Dahud Cohen-Cole-Stein is a typical jew stand up comedian, hoping to be believed by the people who knows the truth. How can someone disappear , looking and sounding like him and never leaving West LA ? Oh yes, becoming a “Republican” party animal ? Actually he is, but not Republican, just an animal. Careful my friends, this jew, like the rest of them, will pull you down !!!

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