I have a woman friend I have known for many years.  She and I have children the same age and we both have considered ourselves “born again Christians” at one time.  (I don’t identify that way anymore…she still might.)

She and I both went from “church to church” looking for our “church family” or at least somewhere we felt comfortable and where we might learn and grow as Christians.  She and I both believed that “the jews” are the chosen people of the bible. 

I finished my own march (more like trudge) through the church institutions many years ago.  My friend hung in a while longer.  She understood racial differences but still had the weird veneration for “the jews” and refused to even consider listening to anything I had to tell her about them, even their elite.  She and here husband even attended a “Jews for Jesus” type church for a while!  At one point, we didn’t speak for a few months over this issue.  The friendship won out though, perhaps because we have history together, having shared many of lifes joys and sorrows together. 

Recently we were having lunch together.  We mostly avoid the topic of “the jews” because it’s a sensitive one for us and we value our friendship.  STILL, I almost always mention a little something in a diplomatic way.  This day, for the first time, I saw her nodding in agreement at what I had said.  I felt an excited thrill run through me.  (not as weird as it sounds, haha).  

It turns out, that over the last few months, the information that I have shared and perhaps some other snipets she’s heard over the years, have jelled in her mind and she is unlocking some doors of confusion about the world that had been locked for a very long time. 

When she was a child, her mother, who previously was a very conservative, religious woman, joined a “Woman’s Group” run by, (my friend says) women with suspiciously hooked noses and nasal voices.  As my readers can probably guess, this woman’s group told my friend’s mother that she was doing everything wrong as a mother.  She needed to get her girl children (there were a few) over a certain age onto birth control, for instance, as CERTAINLY the girls weren’t going to be able to help themselves and would have sex before marriage. (My friend had no intention of doing such a thing) 

The “woman’s group” played lots of other nasty tricks of feminism on this once (not perfect) but fairly stable, large family.  It was the usual stuff.  Mom needed to go out and get a job so she could feel fulfilled.  She needed to get out more, have a life of her own.  Etc. 

It only took a few years for the family to fall apart.  The marriage wasn’t the loving one it was in the beginning because Mom needed to “have more fun”  and my friend’s father was unfaithful (maybe mom was too but there’s no evidence of it) 

As the marriage fell apart, so did the family.  Many of the children and now GRANDCHILDREN had children out of wedlock.  The couple, although still together, raises two of the grandchildren.  The house was and is always in chaos.  My friend did not have children out of wedlock but DID end up divorced and confused about women’s roles etc. 

Also, so tragically, my friend and at least two of her siblings were sexually abused because they were not supervised properly and were left in the “care” of her parents’ crappy, drunken, pervert “friends”.  One of her brothers is gay and it is very likely because  a man “got him” when he was at a very impressionable age.

I did not know all these things about my friend until this lunch meeting.  It was a lot to take in.  But it all stems back to that venomous “woman’s group” who tore down the morals of this family with their know-it-all CRAP.  My friend has no reason to lie about this.  In fact, she probably had to swallow her pride a bit to admit that “the chosen” had damaged her family so much. 

Hatred of jews by White/Europeans is not some thing we do for kicks or because they are different (Amish are different and I love ’em!) or because we are jealous of their hook noses.  It is because time and again, the problems that are besetting our families and therefore our greater Tribe are easily traced back to their KNOW IT ALL push to change everything about the way we do things.  EVERYTHING.  Yes, we allowed it for a time, and we need to own that but NO MORE.  We want you out of our business and out of our lands because you are different from us but not in an interesting or enlightening way.  YOU ARE AN ABOMINATION.  Every White country that lets you in regrets it.  (109 Locations when jews have been expelled since AD250-thanks, non-racial website!)

I am warning you for your own good.  We are waking up and it’s going to get ugly.  Get ye as far away as possible from Europeans.  They are going to be screaming mad when they realize what you’ve done to us.


21 thoughts on “Jew-Wise-FINALLY

  1. Tina

    That is sad and scary. But I know about ‘planting a seed’ with friends, even strangers. I visit a few liberal blogs, and leave matter-of-fact comments about things they don’t want to hear about, but if you say it enough times in different ways, (non-confrontationally) it will sink in. Sooner for some, later for others.

    1. israebest

      Relax. “Liberals” are just hating Jews as you do. You’re in “good” neighbourhood. The slim difference is that “liberals” mostly hate “The Jew”, the state of the Jews, Israel; and conservaitve anti-Semite still concentrate on the “Jew” with the “big nose”, as damn Adolph and Geobles did.In that case, you are Twin Brothers, and you shouldn’t hate the “Liberals”. You have the Jews to envy from!

      1. israebest

        As I have said, not everyone hates Jews but only the weak, wicked and wackos among gentiles. If you’ll check these groups you’ll find among them high percentage of disabled, emotionally and physically corrupted people; People with severe or slight psychological disorders; Socially outcast people; People with low intellectual qualifications; highly frustrated; Strong self-hatred; Emotional and consciousness inferiority.

        I am pleased to tell you that in America nearly 65% of the population sympathetic to Israel and Jews. The more a person believes in God, the more he likes Israel. Apparently the Christian groups who hate Israel, hate also their community and state, and disparaged the content of the New Testament and not give honor to Jesus.

  2. paladinjustice

    Whoever created this “chosen people” myth thousands of years ago was certainly diabolical. Today, Cornerstone Church, the big one in San Antonio, pastored by John Hagee, preaches the same junk. But even worse, they want the world to be engulfed in a nuclear holocaust (oops! can I say that word?) so that Jesus comes back to save the Jews and put them in power over the world. Insane.

  3. Thanatos

    “I am warning you for your own good. We are waking up and it’s going to get ugly. Get ye as far away as possible from Europeans. They are going to be screaming mad when they realize what you’ve done to us.”

    P /

    The “chosen ones” have stolen our land, our money, and now they are trying to steal from our children the majesty and awe of white civilization and culture. Enough! It is time we take back what is rightfully ours. The enemies of the white race know what is coming and are afraid. When we roar, the world trembles!

    White Revolution is coming.

    White Power!

    P /

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  5. Aodh Mor MacRaynall

    maureen, i have been having trouble accessing your site and thought that for some reason you had closed it. Then, i got a notice in my e-mail. Thank God you are still posting. has anyone else had any trouble getting messages that your site had closed. i decided to click through the message and got here tonight. Thank goodness you’re still there.

  6. Michael Weaver

    Rock Stone Mountain permit was denied. Apparently,the government wrongly believes it can curtail the 1st Amendment in regards to Stone Mountain. This is blatantly unconstitutional and our right to peacefully assemble shall be upheld by the courts. They can not curtail our speech due to a hecklers veto.

    Furthermore,anyone guilty of violating our Constitutional/Civil rights shall be guilty of a Federal felony under USC-Title 18 sections 241 and 242. I will personally contact the ACLU and other First Amendment lawyers to file an injunction if these tyrants wish to trample on our beloved Constitutional rights.

    The US Constitution is our permit!

    Sincerely, Michael Weaver


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