Building Community

I’ve been meeting up with WNs for 3 or 4 years now.  At first it was awkward for me.  I’m pretty introverted and yet I NEED people.  I would reach out to practically every WN I would meet at first because I was desperate to make friends that I could talk to about the ongoing genocide of our people.  Sometimes I was dissappointed.  I didn’t click with everyone I met and I also had unrealistic expectations of them.  It takes time to build trust with people.  You don’t usually become bosom buddies with someone in just two meetings.  Even if you are rather closely related (DNA-wise).

It has taken quite some time but I now have a small but very nice group of people I can call, get together with etc. and even ask for help from.  And I think they know that I am here to support them as well.  We don’t live as close together as I would like but perhaps that will come in time. 

Although I often feel frantic to make something happen to stop the madness that’s going on by bringing people together so we can ????, frantic gets me nowhere.  Just being my self, my BEST self, kind, engaged, giving, receiving etc.  and I, finally, almost in spite of myself become part of a community. 

I believe these communities of White/Europeans are forming all across the world and are loosely connected.  Not all are as Jew-wise as we are and some are just now beginning to understand racial differences and the need for segregation but it’s happening. 

We are a people and we are the best people and we will prevail.   



4 thoughts on “Building Community

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  2. Tina

    Maureen, what you went through is exactly what I went through…. EXACTLY. You describe the panic: I want to do something NOW, but realizing this country is too big.

    So I’m putting together people I can talk to.

    I live in the same state you do- I am leaving soon. I hope you are too, for a whytr area.


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