We ARE taking our world back.


Rachel, Nevada.

We will keep buying up places and occupying them. 

Lamestream media’s whiney report.


8 thoughts on “We ARE taking our world back.

  1. Adit

    If you read comments on the story, you’ll find that this all happened back in 2006/7. It must have been a slow news day or they hadn’t fulfilled their monthly anti-white quota yet. The News story is yet another hit piece against Whites, and pretty obviously so. If they have to dredge up a non-story from 6-7 years ago they’re getting pretty desperate.

      1. Adit

        Well the news report is from 2013, but if you check the comments, people are saying that this story talks about things that happened back in 2006/7. The media sure took their sweet time in reporting this ‘pressing issue.’ Where would the media be without the every present Nazi Bogey man hiding behind every cactus & sage bush?

  2. Tina

    M, is this your latest post? I’m looking for it.

    Y’know, I’ve hit the follow button and directions two times, the thing just doesn’t want me to follow you. So when I think about it, I come over. But that’s not enough. Anybody else having problems?


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