How Many Hoaxes??

The propaganda NEVER ENDS telling Whites how “racist” we are and showing us the “proper” way to act and also how to deal with “racists”.

This video has an White woman acting as the racist realtor and Black actors as the beleageried victims of her “abuse”.  

In this day of “reality tv” how about you filmakers wear a hidden camera and actually try to find a “racist realtor”?  You won’t do this because you KNOW you will have a very hard time finding a real one.  What you WILL get is hours and hours of footage of Whites being very courteous to all sorts of people.  

If I had time, would wear a hidden camera and find some REAL instances of anti-White rudeness aimed toward me, here in Southern California.  I would have an easy time of it.  First I would act like a lost motorist trying to get directions back to the freeway.  I would question several Mexicans and Asians, trying to get some help.  They would all shrug their shoulders and tell me they couldn’t help me.  Some would even have a smirk on their face when they said it.  Finally I would see a White guy and ask HIM for help.  And he would point me in the right direction, even waiting a moment while I wrote his instructions down.  How do I KNOW I could easily get this film footage?  Because after living in California for over a decade and getting lost easily, I have experienced this, more times than I care to think about.

And to those of you who would say, “well maybe there was a language barrier!” I say, this only shows that Whites are experiencing institutionalized anti-White racism just as standardized testing is said to “discriminate” against POC (People of Color). It is institutionalized Anti-White racism that, by allowing unfettered immigration, a world is created where an American woman can’t even get simple directions when she gets turned around.  It institutionalized Anti-White racism when in my daily walks to my child’s school many years ago I got stared down by the Mexican men and ignored by the Mexican women.  

Everyone is so concerned about how those poor widdle Negroes and other non-Whites feel.  WHAT ABOUT US?  How psychologically damaging is it for US to be so victimized for simply having White skin?




3 thoughts on “How Many Hoaxes??

  1. Tina

    Hey Maureen, your fellow white southern Californian here.

    Mexicans are the worst. The hassles I’ve had with downright rude and belligerent illegal Mexican aliens are legion.

    Chin up and keep up the good fight.


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