30 Brave Swedes Face Hundreds of Anti-Whites!

Roughly 200 anti-Whites, members of AFA or Anti-Fascist Action (Line 17) held an anti-Sweden demonstration and were confronted by around 30 Nationalists.  Very courageous act when you consider that grafitti in the area encourages people to Stab a Nazi!


Stab a Nazi

One of the Nationalists was stabbed in the back repeatedly but was in good spirits as he was taken to the hospital.


Photos lifted from Stormfront.org.


3 thoughts on “30 Brave Swedes Face Hundreds of Anti-Whites!

  1. Harley

    Some asshole called Hipster Racist tried to call me a ‘man-shamer’ for pointing out how beautiful these men are. They literally make my day, my world. How that lands me in the category of ‘manhating man-shamer’ is beyond me.

    American white nationalist men…they’re the ones who I reject. But white men who walk with such grace and dignity are the solution. the problem is not ‘men’ but american men, although sadly and oddly I think there are a lot of decent white men who simply aren’t attracted to the hatefulness of WN men. I personally think we should try to ignore the manosphere types completely as WN american women, and if that means all WN american men then so be it. We’d do better bringing more whites of both sexes in with positive vibes.


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