Whose Fault Is It?

Hat tip to The Daily Stormer one of my new go-to sites.  

This year I have been aware of an ongoing argument as to who is to blame (or perhaps mostly to blame) for the problems facing Europeans worldwide.  

Is it simply that Whites are a weak people?

Or is there something more?

My reason for posting this information is not to start another online debate.  My hope is that by identifying problems, we can begin working on solutions in our own very real lives.  

In this article John Derbyshire and Kevin MacDonald make their cases.  I think it is important to examine the causes of our plight in order to know how to deal with them.

I agree wholeheartedly with Dr. MacDonald when he says:

My putting the onus on the Jews (certainly not all Jews) has to be qualified by an understanding of the pre-existing weaknesses of the WASPs and other Whites. For the last 15 years, most of my writing has been directed at figuring out what’s wrong within us that we would allow this unfolding disaster. This really comes down to an evolutionary analysis of individualism. My thesis (most recently summarized here) is that this campaign of moral vilification relies on pre-existing tendencies among a great many Whites toward moral universalism and creating ingroups based on moral and reputational qualities rather than kinship.  Read more of the article here.  

In other words, certain of the so-called Jews have had a huge part in damaging our people but we must also accept that there are weaknesses in US (mainly a lack of true blood kinship) that have allowed said problems.  We must deal with both problems.  1.  Jewish influence and control  2.  Lack of blood kinship in European peoples

I think there are a lot of articles that make suggestions as to how to deal with problem number 1 but before we can do this, we have to deal with problem number 2.  In upcoming Aryan Street articles I hope to do just that.  

And now for some comic relief.  Yah, it’s “Nazi” humor.  


4 thoughts on “Whose Fault Is It?

  1. Harley

    Your best post yet, my thoughts exactly. This is my biggest issue with our movement, if it’s even one. Why can we not articulate what the european nationalists all take for granted? Zionists/Jews+White Betrayal=Our Demise

    Not one prominent outlet so far that I’ve seen has come close to nailing it. All lean too far in one direction or the other. Daily Stormer is great but way too myopic that only Jews are committing this genocide and subjugation. Same goes for Stormfront.

    On the other side you have the ‘race realists’ who see the Jews as simply some annoyance. The southerners in general are guilty of this. They then claim ‘feminists’ or ‘Negro DNA’ is the culprit, or both really.

    What the hell is wrong with this country? This is why many people believe that pretty much all the main ‘pro-white’ outlets are just jew-run controlled opposition.

  2. Frey

    First: I like this site. Please keep up the good work.

    The main subject: All Whites alive today were born into the jews’ 24-7-365 flood of lies. Therefore, how can we blame our fellow Whites who continue to follow the wrong path because they haven’t woken up yet? Several years ago, I was still one of those Whites ignorantly serving jewry’s agenda. I’m glad nobody killed me as a so-called “race traitor,” you know?! Now, I am a major asset to our race.

    I put the blame where it really belongs: On the anti-White, anti-humanity race. That’s the jews. All of them. Why do I say all of them? Because they ALL serve their race, whether openly or secretly — no matter what they say for White consumption.


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