The Awakening of a Beautiful Young Aryan Woman


I believe her name is Brooke and she reminds me of the gorgeous April Sims who apparently NEVER BACKED DOWN. (and so she disappeared from the mainstream media.)

More on April here:

As has been pointed out by commenter PA here:

backing down and apologizing about your pure, righteous anger at anti-White rhetoric or innocent and normal feelings regarding non-White antics only brings about a feeding frenzy of Jews and other anti-White scumbags who enjoy reducing the goyim (which means cattle in Hebrew) to tears.


But I digress. Brooke is very upset because she is beginning to realize that it doesn’t matter how nice she is to Blacks and other non-Whites.  They will always consider her inherently evil (racist) because she is a European. This is EXACTLY what woke me up to racial reality. The fact that EVERYONE EXCEPT MY PEOPLE were allowed to be “racist”.  It’s like a lightbulb went off in my head and i realized something “warn’t right”.

Brooke’s Video:

Ya know, we White Europeans have been taught we are all equal! Now though, young White people are realizing that anti-racism actually is  not about equality it is actually aimed toward the genocide of White people.  Ok, they may not know it’s genocide just yet but they know something isn’t right.

It’s a harsh awakening but it has to happen.

I pray that Brooke and April and so many other young people that are waking up will find websites like I found:  Stormfront,, MindweaponsinRagnarok, and so many others that will give them the facts that they are already sensing in their European minds and souls.

God Bless you Young Brothers and Sisters.  We are here for you.


8 thoughts on “The Awakening of a Beautiful Young Aryan Woman

  1. Anonymous

    This is very heartening and beautiful. They are just the kind of women a true white nationalist wants to marry. The more women who follow their examples, the better it helps our cause.

  2. Ryu

    Unlike her, I am a racist!

    She’s got some work to do. No more apologizing. It is good to see white women waking up a bit. With training, she might make a good mate.

    This is the time of the gathering. One can expect racists to find one another over the next 10 years or so.


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