Let’s Hear it for Italy


Alessandra Mussolini

The line between the right wing and the “extreme”right wing in Italy is blurring.  

The reason?  A local fruit and vegetable vendor says he believes that Italy was a safe country with clear rules under the fascist regime, which, according to him, is what is badly needed today.

“Today everything is going haywire here in Italy,” he told DW. “You get harassed by beggars and pickpockets wherever you go. Back when Mussolini was in charge women could go outside without being molested.”

There DOES seem to be a lot of crossover in the two groups of right wingers.  Rome’s former mayor Gianni Alemanno is married to the daughter of a well-known “neo-fascist”.

Alessandra Mussolini, proud grand-daughter of Benito Mussolini serves on the parliment as a conservative and it appears no one is denouncing her views.

More details here.

More good news (ignore the negative spin…this is good news!)


3 thoughts on “Let’s Hear it for Italy

  1. langbarte

    My grandparents lived under the regime of Mussolini, though they were just teenagers when Fascism ended, and I can say that if you ask any elderly person (over 70/75 at least) here in Italy “How was life back then?” you will certainly get answers like “If a woman, there was no reason of being afraid of walking alone in the street”… “People felt more safe because there were a lot of police officers around, at every hour of the day and night” and the like. Although they belong to another generation, with a different mentality, I have no reason to doubt that what they say is actually true, first and foremost because they have no good reason whatsoever to lie on such a matter.


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