Slovakia Rising Up!



In Slovakia, the Banská Bystrica Region (or VÚC, as it is known) has elected far right Marian Kotleba of the People’s Party – Our Slovakia to lead the region as governor.  Critics blame anti-Roma sentiment for this “racist””extremist” being elected but as most people reading this blog know, the real reason Europeans the world over are electing far right leaders is because they don’t wish to be marginalized and eventually genocided in the lands their people have occupied for centuries.

According to the Slovak Spectator:

Originally a secondary school teacher, Kotleba is well known on the margins of the Slovak political scene. He founded and led the Slovenská Pospolitosť (Slovak Togetherness) far-right political party, which was later banned by the Interior Ministry and existed only as a civic organisation. He frequently organised and participated in anti-Roma demonstrations or marches commemorating the Nazi-allied wartime Slovak state and its president Jozef Tiso. He has been detained and charged repeatedly for crimes including racial defamation.

Kotleba’s party program includes creating militias, removing Slovakia from the terrorist NATO pact, establishing social justice, eliminating privileges and not just for gypsies and rejecting “the promotion of sexual perverts”.

Hail Slovakia.  Hail the People’s Party – Our Slovakia!

More on Kotleba


5 thoughts on “Slovakia Rising Up!

  1. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I like Kotleba’s party goals, specifically the one regarding social justice.

    In the USA, white people are being subjected to much social injustice, yet many of us remain quiet or we are so brainwashed, we blame the victim (ex: she shouldn’t have been in that neighborhood). When any wrong happens to a white person, we should all rally around that person and give him or her our support.

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