Louis Farrakhan and Scientology?


See Louis Farrakhan’s speech here, starting at 1:50

Main Points:

He is very interested in the teachings of Hubbard which (presumedly, among other things) he connects to Jesus’ exorcisms of Demons.

He doesn’t care that L. Ron Hubbard was a racist.  

The video provides further commentary from a former Scientologist.

The Blaze reported on this in July of 2012 but I can find little else on the internet about it.

It appears to corroborate New World Order plans for a one world religion.  Farrakhan’s  Nation of Islam is estimated to have between 20-50k core members and many more followers.

Words of Inspiration from the White Tea Room blog.  

We, as a People, are facing a Dark Age. We feel we are losing everything we love. The walls are closing in. The way in which we respond to the unprecedented challenges we face will create our future. We could face financial ruin and privation, and a host of other horrors.. Instead of lamenting the meaningless stuff we may (or may not) lose – let’s remember that our true treasure is each other. We are the Treasure. Our greatest asset, and the greatest asset the world has ever known, is our White Genius.

We need to gather ’round our Racial Hearth, my lads and lasses, and tell tales, and plan, and reminisce, and appreciate and love each other. Instead of fretting over a loss of this world that hates us, let’s celebrate the opportunity to remake the world in to Our World. Let’s light the way for our People.



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