Muslim Couple Enslaves 3 Women for Over 30 Years!


A 67 year old couple in the United Kingdom was arrested for holding a Brittish woman, a Malaysia woman and an Irish woman as unpaid domestic servants for up to 30 year!.  According to CNN:

UK Special Envoy for Human Trafficking Anthony Steen told CNN he was not surprised by the case as there were likely to be many cases of domestic slavery in the country.

How many of people of European descent are being held captive by Muslims RIGHT NOW while Jews all over the world bludgeon Whites for slavery that occurred two hundred years ago?

CNN, like most of the major news outlets, refuses to tell the truth about the fact that the slave owners in this case and MANY OTHERS LIKE IT are NOT White.  If the slaveowners were White we would have heard about if it for the next decade but  the fact that they are Muslims and non-White is hushed up.  CNN and other mainstream media stations are anti-White haters, the worst kind of liars!

It’s time to WEAN OFF THE SCREEN folks and wean your children off the screen too.  The TV screen is dominated by anti-White haters that teach us to trust the untrust-worthy.  It’s a crime against White people, especially White children who are often groomed by Muslims in the United Kingdom to be sex slaves.  This has got to stop!

Here’s CNN’s version of the story.  



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