News Coverage of Mantra

These silly media types, in trying to denegrate us, actually get the message out for us about White Genocide.

Highlights of this video (In my opinion)

1. Hearing the great Jimmy Marr talk about how he is called a White Supremacist now because the word racist has lost its bite.


2. Hearing Mark Potok of SPLC infamy saying he studied the Mantra for a year (A YEAR!) but that it is not a very sophisticated campaign.

Uh huh.

LOL Mark Potok. You and your phoney organization are on your way down. And you know it.


3 thoughts on “News Coverage of Mantra

  1. Brandon

    Yep…..negative publicity is good publicity. AWARENESS is the key. “I didn’t know there were people who believed this stuff here in the hippy utopia of Eugene” HAHAHAHAHAHA


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