Accidental Mindweapon

I met a woman today who is an accidental Mindweapon.  She is the White grandmother of a young woman who got a full ride scholarship at an East Coast college. She was accepted at two Ivy League schools but chose the less prestigious school because she liked the idea of not going into debt for her first 4 years of university.  This bright White  youngster is studying to be a physician.

I complimented Grandma on her smart grand-daughter and asked her the secret to her family’s success.  She said that she had been a science teacher and when her children were young, she purposely did not have a television in the house.  When her children were older, she got a television but the children had strict limits on what they could watch.  Basically, they were allowed to watch the National Geographic shows and little else.

Also, the father of the future doctor sadly ended up divorced but grandma was very involved, helping with homework and having an influence on what television shows were allowed.  Her grandchild has wanted to go into forensics since she was very young after watching a documentary about it ten years ago with Grandma.

High investment parenting is worth every bit of energy spent.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


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