Liberals try to bully Don Yelton; Yelton doesn’t back down!

Yeah! And he’s not backing down! He takes it one step further too by cleverly showing how intolerant his party is of differing views.

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

Smug liberals try to bully Don Yelton into taking back his remarks on Daily Show interview with smug Desi representative of hostile elites. Yelton doesn’t care about their smug high school popularity contests, and refuses to buckle under liberal bullying.

He looks a bit like “Awchie” except healthier and smarter:

Don Yelton tells TheWrap his party should have used his “lazy blacks” comment as proof it accepts all views

Don Yelton, the North Carolina Republican who lost a county precinct chairman position after deriding “lazy blacks” on “The Daily Show,” isn’t exactly backing down.

Reached by TheWrap for comment on the situation, he used the N-word, said his county party was out to get him because of old grievances, and stood by his comment that “lazy blacks” shouldn’t decide elections. He said lazy college students and lazy whites shouldn’t, either.

Also read: Republican Precinct Chair Resigns After ‘Lazy Blacks’ Comment…

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