Racist Party!!!


Oops!  This young Aussie woman accidentally had a “racist” 21st birthday party.   She had an African themed party and told her guests to dress appropriately.  Some came as animals.  The birthday girl dressed as White Cleopatra (good job!) and some of her guest came as savage Negroes.  What’s the problem?  Course, being under 40 years of age she has to document her every move on Facebook and predictably, now the whole world knows about it.

Don’t read her stupid apology.  As most of my readers know, she has to say those things so she won’t be cast into outer darkness.  Just enjoy the photos!  A couple of the comments are priceless too!

Oh wait!   I’m not sure why but one of the guys dressed as a klansman.  LOLZ forever!!!


One of the bad things about brainwashing is that sometimes it wears off.


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